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Hier geht es zur Newsmeldung: JVC Professional Introduces GY-HD camcorder HM750E


Antwort von Valentino:

Sleeping in the development department of JVC?

With the camera one can win no pot more.
1 / 3 "and 35MBits MPEG2, Sony already has a couple of years.

As a shoulder camera I buy as rather a HPX500, used for the same money.


Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

an HPX500 not really

we had a HM700 against a HPX500,
this is where the 700 with a better 720 x 1280
Picture compared to the 500 with 720 x 960

In the visual Comparison was well behind the 500,
why do ne 750, a HM700 is good as well,
the data are not as inflated as synonymous with the 700.
In spite of all turn now many stations, synonymous in
Germany with the HM700!

The material is delivered is often much worse
as some amateur stuff!

And if it really has to be high class, then yes, HDCAM SR,
RED or at least an ARRI Alexa!


Antwort von Valentino:

If you believe, you can do to stay calm.

Of course, the HPX500 with the standard lens is not the hammer, but even with a better 2 / 3 SD-Optics sees the picture of very persuasive.

Worse than a HM700 but it is definitely not more better.
By the 2 / 3 "chip, the camera a much higher contrast ratio and this is worlds better than a light-sensitive HM700.
I have even been times that I happened at night with light head and the 1 ND filter worked without realizing it. I just stop the H75 rotated slightly higher.

With a little skill, you can adjust the picture very well and fine, thanks DVCProHD still significantly more flexibility than those with AVCHD or HDV.
I'm just interview in a ski resort. The background was always about 95 percent. The cutter for the first time get a slight sense of dread, but then was very surprised that there was still everything to get out of the material.

Since it is pretty no preference whether the camera now does not dissolve or FullHD.

If that is important, however, who can be happy again next count pixels.


Antwort von handiro:

the only good s.diesen unbearable JVC models is the form factor.
Why do the others do not synonymous ENG shoulder such parts?
the size and ergonomics of the JVC HY series for me is absolutely top.
The rest is unbearably bad ..... my dream would be such a case with the AF101 chip and the electronics pana!
Otherwise prefer to Sonypmw 500th ..


Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

rather than ne ne pmw500 HPX500!

This is clear!

But now I would not HPX500 more
which goes only with optimum viewfinder and meaning in relation
on Optics. Otherwise, what most companies
in their equipment, have unfortunately not as the bearer.

Since one can assume equal synonymous ne HPX301/371 and is good `s.


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