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Frage von jonnyy2b:


hie maybe I can help somebody as I am now completely verunsicht!
2 years ago, I have a new video camera purchased. JVC 505 with hard drive, super, especially since the plate wiklich not hear the sound! Incorporated, I like all the videos in 16:9 format, because that is 4:3 yes sometime exhausted now! Well I finally bought a PC and when I watch the videos in Media Player abspielete, the eggs were again heads out!
After Googling, I am on a contribution of gestosis said the pixels at 16:9 Nuur something would be pulled apart. When Media Player Settings can be the pixels as egg represent (0.7). Now it fits in the format! But then would be the wikliche Resolutionvon to work long, distorted? Is that so?
So now I bought a 16:9 TV and plays on the stick synonymous only 4:3 pictures!
Is this only for the 505 or so when all the (older)!
Can the extension mpg or mpeg or mpeg2 perhaps what to change?
How can we clean everything from 16:9 look?
Can not all monkey business, or?
Thanks for the help.


Antwort von bgk:

Hello jonnyy2b,

if your 505 the same "problem" has, like the small MS100, is in the videos from the camera, the 16:9-Flag (a kind of marker, the player communicates that it is acting 16:9) is not set.

You can - s.Computer - now either the 16:9 flag set in your videos (which works with Section Heads program SDcopyMedia Player Classic).



Antwort von jonnyy2b:

Hello BGK,

Thank you for your quick reply.

Camera power now a distorted your pixel resolution? So less than Width Height?

Does it make any digicam or is it only for JVC so, or is that for all camcorders so?

I think that the actual recorded video is still a 4:3 picture is!, Mess!

Thank you


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