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Frage von cicco:

Have a JVC Everio 60GB hard drive for a birthday get paid, so far so good.

This cam works manual super easy because I am an enthusiastic motorcyclist, I thought I take my trips on the Cam, I've built a holding device and s.gehts! Forget it! when I press photographs, then they will continue to just s.and then turns off after a few minutes later, when I take off the bike and hand it makes use, then funzt things returned to normal when I'm back on a motorbike, the game begins Of the front, nothing's more, can not turn synonymous, monitor is constantly on!

But what troubles me, that's the curse .... Only thing on the bike not funzt, synonymous input on if I fall, or eliminates, the problem remains the same.

But if I record on SD card, then it works, why?? On the map, of course, fits on it much, and for what I've got a 60 GB?

Does anybody help ???????????? ??????????????? bitteeeeeeeeeeee


Antwort von hofnarr: "wrote: In order to withstand the built-in hard drive and loads praxistypischen all your data will be stored completely reliable, included Everio camcorder (a comprehensive protection system;) floating suspension system. Shock absorbing polymer shock absorbers, the feather floating s.and the Hard Disk Drive for effective protection against shocks and knocks. And an integrated G-Sensor is responsible for movement control. It automatically detects critical situations. In this case the power is switched off immediately and put the read / write delay of the hard drive. This may even damage the hard disk to be avoided if the camcorder falls to the ground.

appears to be a safety feature to be. s.besten Request for jvc, whether as a clear possibility is to completely (perhaps via the service menu).


Antwort von RickyMartini:

Jau! This is all hard disks camcorders a normal behavior.
Fit on 16GB cards, depending on the quality level, for 2 hours on it.


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