Infoseite // Jerky video in uncompressed AVI

Frage von philippsen:

Hi Folks,
've got a clip from Avid Digibeta rausgerechnet as uncompressed AVI.
Well premiere pro does not come so clearly, and jerky during playback.
As if he with the data rate is not too pretty!
Can it be that I compress the video a bit so that should premiere cope with it coming?



Antwort von Markus:


uncompressed AVI has such a high data rate, that most PCs these video files with just jerking. So this is completely normal and has nothing to do with Premiere.

Which compression because of the recordings were gecapturet Digibeta? What I would do next.

Otherwise, looking at you once the Lossless codec in HuffYUV. He is fast and delivers clean results.


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