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Video ruckelt auf zweitem Monitor

Jerky video on Second Monitor

Frage von Roland Schulz:
Juli 2010

the better to cut s.Calculator can I have a second screen, or rather a small Full HD Television with HDMI (bought Philips 22PFL5604 / H), the only pure video picture frame without tools and without scaling in native quality (1920x1080, 50i) from Premiere is supposed to represent.

The system consists of a Core i7 930 with 8GB Ram GTX260 with 896MB and 64 Win7 Ultimate. The primary screen is an Eizo CG241 (1920x1200) is used. Both monitors are digitally connected (with passive Philips DVI-HDMI adapter).

The problem now is that any jerk videos (MPEG2, AVCHD ...) on the second screen at irregular intervals. It does not matter what program is used (Premiere, Media Player 12th ..). It is no problem of Premiere.

I have tried all the settings for the second monitor (50Hz progressive, 50Hz interlaced, 60p and 60i, native resolution, lower resolution ...), but it always looks a bit different, but still jerky tuts.

The same videos run on the first monitor but liquid (pulldown / pullup Effects of 50-60Hz times excepted). No the 8 virtual CPUs is always synonymous approximate capacity (below 20%).

On another Calculator with Vista 64, Q6600, 8GB, GT220, I have the same negative effects. On the first monitor is synonymous here everything ok.

Has anyone here similar problems or if necessary a remedy at hand?

Does any one second graphics card. An attempt with the G220 from the second calculator, I have not been implemented, but should not really be synonymous required (there are at most two new problems because of driver models). The Drivers are current.

Antwort von tommyb:

Possibly. helps rather an ATI card - but that does not return your premiere.

Look in control "Nvidia Control Panel" after the number of heart of the second screen and put them back one at 50 or 60. Furthermore, there is another one of "Inverse Telecine" hook, next below. Should get out.

If that does not help you localize the problem by Aero-checking. If the jerk is gone, then with the ECL interface has to do in your system. I have an Nvidia card and video stutter in small intervals when I am in Media Player Classic (Home Cinema) choose the wrong playback mode (such as Direct X 9 Window instead of EVR, etc.).

Update on each case synonymous times your video card driver. Since then I've done that, it works in most modes of the MPC properly (the 197er made me problems).

Antwort von Roland Schulz:

With the ATI card I'd be the Premiere / MercuryEngine / CUDA advantage naught, of separates, therefore, as a "testing out".

The heart figures I have described as including the p / i variants and synonymous with the hook for the deinterlacing through, no change.

From the Aero-synonymous shutdown I have already read, I'll try it later.
The problem is said to be more Windows-based, not occur on the other, but Page with driver versions <= 182.50.

Currently, as described in the latest nVidia drivers installed.

Antwort von shipoffools:

I had on Windows 7 64-bit with Edius 5.5, a similar problem. After I had tried everything possible, I found out that it was only me s.den Aero Theme Settings.
I had "basic design" -> "set Windows Classic theme. Yet again so there was time jerk.
After I had "Aero-Design" -> "Windows 7" is set, the jerkiness was gone.
No joke, but with me's is definitely s.Windows 7 Aero.
As my calculator is not s.Internet, I have not made any updates synonymous and am still waiting for the final release of SP1 in the hope that such errors are then eliminated.
Perhaps that is the same with you so the problem.

Antwort von Roland Schulz:

So AERO has probably really what to do with the problem. AERO runs off the video, at least in Media Player quite well, would say "mostly" it looks like what it should be. Sometimes I have the picture somewhere, but synonymous split horizontally, and the one part (eg above) is already somewhat aware than the lower part.

Now comes the next problem: In Premiere CS5 is the playback is not satisfactory, that is, the Picture always looks as if I had run 25p, so no more uneven misfire but permanent seamless. Since I can adjust synonymous what I want, not the 25p goes away. Project setting is on AVCHD 50i, Monitor, I can adjust to 50p or 50i, with or without deinterlacing, sees in Comparison to Media Player more like 25p, but just with additional Interlacestreifen.
Depends if I reproduce directly on the window in PCS5 looks exactly like this, moving objects, here the "double distance (Interlace) have" they have on a normal Television 50Hz or Media Player. Programs that work in the internal preview with only 25p? Vegas looks exactly modest.

Slowly I'm really fed up! Meanwhile I have so much money put into this crap and nothing works properly. Do I still ne Blackmagic Intensity Pro buy at such ridiculous tasks like video preview ne things done. Does the thing because then or jerky as synonymous again what? Can the 50i then in the preview? That's all a lousy joke!

I think I do next sell the photos and all that crap again ...

Antwort von Alf_300:

The problem is said to be more Windows-based, on the other .... but with driver versions Page <182>

Also in the running WinXP Drivers of Nvidia 9 Series> not properly 195.13

Antwort von Roland Schulz:

To supplement: If I have a GT220 in addition to the GTX260 in the calculator and put the second screen because pursuing improved anything.

Antwort von tommyb:

Have you updated your drivers?

It is for a graphics card no problem, two monitors copiers play a video on it ... except the drivers do not play with.

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