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Frage von 911:

I have a samlung of short clips in which I will show VirtualDub with a logo / watermark. The clips were shared with Premiere Pro and gecaptchured with scenaliser.

It will simply filter with the "logo" to insert a logo, but after saving the video is no longer running in the correct speed and slightly jerky! ..

In the preview mode, but everything still seems normal to expire.

There is no set compression, frame rate, of course, is synonymous to 25fps, had once synonymous dan panasonic DV codec installed.

If it is set at comprimierung the DV codec, then the normal speed, but it's still short stuttering / trailers.

This occurs synonymous, if I simply open a video, no elegant settings with VD and again save as avi.

Am quite at a loss, do not want to deal with all that is (over 100) individual clips with Premiere, and was very glad to have found the solution through VirtualDub!

'm Thankful for every tip!



Antwort von grovel:

> No compression is set.

Here lies the problem. The files must of course be back with a DV codec (eg Panasonic) compressed. Otherwise you will get so synonymous ridiculously large files - like your hard drive when not in with the data set, therefore, synonymous, the jerking.

If as you say, occur when using the DV codec is still stuttering, then switch views all processes in the background s.and use a decent player. The best course, you play the clips on the camera back and use this s.Television to play.

SeeYa grovel


Antwort von 911:

The files will remain but erstmal in DV format Avi. Should still be dealt with later, Premiere and erstmal not compressed!

I can not imagine that it is s.komprimierung or data rate. The output file even runs without stuttering, as synonymous may play a 10gb Avi Ruckel without.

So, rather than whether the likely take a few frames lost.

When I employ the Panasonok DV codec, it is somewhat better, but still rakes. The clips are 5 to 10 sec long and there are so lags 3 to 4 per clip. Besides they are not synonymous then smaller.


Antwort von tohato:

Hello 911,
I would suggest you erstmal "VirtualDubMod" is something new. If you want to work one filter, you will in "Full Processing Mode to work" and then the video will be re-rendered, which may take a while. VirtualDub works by default in "Full Processing Mode" and stores audio and video from uncompressed. VirtualDubMod, however, operates by default in the "Direct Stream Copy" mode. Therefore, the synonymous jerky, the video is rendered by force again. Low Budget ( "F7") to save not help here. You've got the settings for the output video to make it as they correspond exactly to the source video or come this s.nächsten.
And this in detail, here is as unique, the frame rate is already entered. By doing this you have to do it more than once again, you can with "Ctrl + S to save a setting file for all settings in VCF format and load it with" Ctrl + L "after opening the video. When you save settings for all conducted, düfte all go wrong.


So if you strictly on the DV codec important because, since there are several. Do you have the right, if it still rakes? 've Ever looked, I do so because of the "MainConcept DV Codec noticed" that is lauded for its, as it is compatible with the other codecs. I just downloaded it to me synonymous.


Antwort von 911:

Aslo danke erstmal for the quick reply! 'm really surprised.

I must admit that I have not previously worked with VD. VirtuelDubMod is new to me, I will then try and seek times, but!

The Direct Stream Copy mode, it is so synonymous in VD, which I hate synonymous seen, but I can if it is selected to use any filter! The functions are then grayed out and only go in Full Processing Mode.

When I select the Panasonic DV codec to the FP mode, it is indeed synonymous, almost ...

I've saved synonymous with Save Processing Setings (st + s) my settings, and with the Virtual Dub Tool Job List Generator for a job for all files generated! Is it in three clicks. Is yes, then simply leave the job to go through all the files would not be the wenns Laggen.

Shall therefore look to the views Mod and experiment a little.

Many thanks, will give bescheid when I got my problem gelößt!


"grovel" wrote:

If as you say, occur when using the DV codec is still stuttering, then switch views all processes in the background s.and use a decent player.

SeeYa grovel

Hmm, since you think you were right about ... Just got my calculator once restarted, and now seems all right to be. Ne had been previously been working in Premiere and ps and still open. think is now in regulation. So again thank you!


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