Infoseite // Jonny Joker music video - "Kein Bock" (and Canon HF100)

Frage von kartoffelpuffer:

Hello, everybody

This is a video that I made for a friend.
We filmed this video s.einem day.

Artist: Jonny Joker
Title: "Kein Bock"
Camera: Canon HF 100
Lenses: Fisheye 0.25x, CanonWide-Converter WD-H37II 0.7 x
Tripod: Velbon DV6000
Software: Sony Vegas Pro 8, Adobe After Effects CS4

Since we do not embed the video can "here is the link:

Here's the youtube link

Please do not save s.Lob and certainly not s.Kritik;)


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Rammstein you have already heard between the lines, so that the message is over ;-)

Otherwise quite cleaned, just came s.der location, the "Kein Bock feeling" not so over .... I would have put down in a bed and then let time move slowly through the streets.

Well, but as I said comb over very well be next so - what knnte.

B. DeKid


Antwort von kartoffelpuffer:

yes I have to give you right of themes in the video is not quite cut ...
But egaaal
des is halt en commonplace rapvideo I'd say so ...

We have s.dem day without big a plan drawn by the city and have looked for locations ..
In which he always durchgerappt of the song (; music actually came from the mobile phone ^ ^) and I then had to cut all the crap.


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