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Frage von uralmash:

Hello and I hope I'm here synonymous properly:) I would like to cover my old video films on my PC. I have tried many things, unfortunately, will not get sound and no picture synonymous with on my PC! I have a normal VCR Scart connection synonymous synonymous with the scart adapter where you turn the SCVD dev (yellow) video connection, and of course, synonymous dranmacht the Tonkabel. Then I s.meinen PC and then have the yellow composite cable plugged s.den provided access to and synonymous, of course, the sound into the line in. .. Sun in fact they have to be s of the wiring so far. I've installed a software (Davideo 4 for VHS ...) there has been synonymous with all variants of experiments, unfortunately without success. My card in the PC is a Medion BDA Analog Capture. So .. Now I do not know next and hope for a reply, thank you very much already times in advance for reading. Regards Helmut


Antwort von Stefan:

If you are the wrong scart adapter (RCA have) to scart, it already fails at the wiring.

There are scart adapter for the RCA to Scart signal direction, the direction Scart to RCA and reversible.

The nasty - when the signal direction draufsteht not see the parts are identical at first appear and who is doing to the trouble of wiring with a single pass of the cable tester and check out FAQ to ...

Good luck
The fat Stefan


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