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Kodak Zi6 und Premiere Elements 3.0 - Import von .mov Dateien geht nicht?!

Kodak Zi6 and Premiere Elements 3.0 - Import of. Mov files do not go?

Frage von Eisbär:
Januar 2010


I have a Kodak Zi6 with an 8GB SDHC memory card of Kodak and just trying the shots in Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 to import, which always fails, because my program will see an error from the media editing.

The import of the hard drive works without problems. However, only via USB. Only the files will not simply programmed into the media library from editing.

My Speicherkartenlese device probably does not recognize the SDHC card. So I transferred the recordings via the built-in USB Zi6 times on the PC. Tentatively, I have inserted into the Zi6 a standard 2GB SD card and made a test shot to see if I can then import the recording directly into Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0. But this can not synonymous. Directly from the media library out, I can not import the pictures.

The Kodak Zi6 takes in 720p 30fps. The project settings in Premiere Elements 3.0, I've set up accordingly.

I do not now and next time would need your help. Please do not laugh because of the pocket camcorder. I would be very happy to buy myself a real camcorder, but I lack the time a little cash. I use the Zi6 only for youtube affairs ... and for that he is hopefully good enough.

What am I doing wrong when importing or how should I proceed?

When I play the files in VLC player, will support me in codec: AVC1 (1280x720 29.97 fps) is displayed and playback is very halting.

I have run the same files over a media converter can (Arcsoft Media Impression, was) here at the Zi6. Displays the playback synonymous AVC1 s.and is very fluid, but the images seem a little loss-afflicted and the file size has shrunk by about 1 / 3.

. mov and. mpeg4 is the same, right?

I hope that I have to buy a new editing program ... because is in the sheet of Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 so that with. Mov, H.264, and can handle that is to me synonymous with the supported formats during an import - process appears.

Thanks and greeting

Antwort von Jan:

MOV files can be synonymous (files often contain MJPEG) for digicams.

MJPEG has nothing to do with MPEG (1 to 4) for sale.

MJPEG is very rarely used for HD content, let's take out Spiegelrefelxkameras Nikon, but often at 640x480 resolution and 800x600er.

Normally High definition MPEG 4 MOV files are standardized and it is for Apple Quicktime. Samsung HD camcorder should synonymous to work with.

Ok, now Kodak is once again a company that itself indicates nothing on their website accurate. What the Instructions & Instructions on the CD?

Then, when it is supposed to be AVC 1, which should now be near, because you MJPEG easily recognize, then it is MPEG 4 H.264 just like eg Canon digicam with HD begins with video function.

Perhaps your software files with the 720s is not clear or requires updates with new codecs.

In the worst case, converts the files with a known converter in a common format - eg with Virtualdub.


Antwort von Eisbär:

Hello Jan,

Thank you for your explanation for the formats.

Well, you wrote:
Normally High definition MPEG 4 MOV files are standardized and it is for Apple Quicktime. Samsung HD camcorder should synonymous to work with.

If I'm going with the mouse over the file, it shows me only. Mov, it's not a quicktime-quicktime-logo logo ... The first is always present when the shots I pulled through in-arcsoft media converter. The file size is reduced greatly, and while the quality of the recordings are greatly reduced. I can only reach a liquid synonymous playing the footage after I got through it in the media converter

Ok, now Kodak is once again a company that itself indicates nothing on their website accurate. What the Instructions & Instructions on the CD?

I've already synonymous to the website of Kodak respond to the instructions and searched by the Zi6 and the included software is just as "helpful" ... I think if the program is not good for anything, except perhaps to the recordings directly from the device to youtube channel to send.

When it finally AVC 1 (which is in my VLC player appears to be ...) what exactly should be close, because you MJPEG easily recognize, then it is MPEG 4 H.264 just like eg Canon Digicam at With HD video feature begins.

So then I must look for yet another video editing program? Synonymous and I think once that my PC is too weak, or?

Antwort von Jan:

Wikipedia MOV

Naja, with 720 P MPEG 4 and kleinen Datenraten sollte fast jeder grob aktuellere Calculator klar kommen, so s.1,44-2 Ghz 1 Kernprozessor sollten ausreichen, um das Picture flüssig zu zeigen.

Mail s.Adobe and Kodak !


Antwort von Eisbär:

So here are some data on my about 3 years old PC: Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz, 2GB RAM, Win XP SP3

In Manual of the Kodak Zi6 is still synonymous to the following format:
Video H.264 (MOV), AAC-LC, 720p at 60 or 30 frames per second (I've made the recordings at 30 ...)

Do not know if Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 is not too old to begin with the files from the Kodak Zi6 something.

and the integrated USB interface from the Kodak Zi6: USB 2.0 (High Speed)

I just got a trial basis with the recordings from the memory card into the slot of Zi6 put my TV, because he can not play AVCHD of the memory card. But there was nothing synonymous.

Can it be that my storage card does not support SDHC cards, perhaps? That is why I have the Zi6 so s.den PC connected via USB, but synonymous here, I can not say whether there when transferring everything goes smoothly. I can not synonymous tell if my USB connections are 2.0 compliant, if it could have something to do with it at all.

Really, I thought with the recording on memory card would now become synonymous much easier, but if it starts now so ... I'll probably buy it later on a device with cassette.

Except I bekomm here with the MOV files still out in some way. Ifs must, but really only if it is otherwise, I would buy me synonymous another editing program. Final Cut Express or iMovie should probably make no problems with it, right? ¬?

Antwort von Eisbär:

So I know not now what I could do. I have now with the media converter to. Mov file converted into an mpeg4 file. And I can still not import into Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0. The gibts but not at all ...

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Tools such as media information and use SUPER

You will find everything else on doom9.org

But I'd erstmal after schaun nem update for element ... And if there are times when nothing new encode the video. Do with super mal ne draus AVI to MPEG2 AAC L in 1280x720 29.97 fps

That should swallow element.

B. DeKid

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Nochwas concerning whether to remove

Your *. mov ICON show ... all can be used as VLC, WMP, QuickTime, RealPlayer .... times when you do right click on the File ... Properties ... Üffnen with ... then you can pick and choose what you want to open a file according to standard. Thus, it is synonymous in your thumbnails that appear when you are using nen ICON.

I Mag perso. not


My Config

Start ... right click - properties .... Classic Start Menu

In the Explorer view first time on detail .... then make direct Tools ... Folder Options ... View tab - Folder View page ... for all .... Advanced Settings ... where the hook point 6 "Hide extensions for known files to remove.

On the tab "Dateintyp" ... You can then synonymous times even after the files are pleased to establish at some Progis ....

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