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Kodak mov (HD) auf DVD

Kodak mov (HD) on DVD

Frage von bob007:
April 2009

Hello all together!

after I spend hours - yes days with Kodak mov HD movies have employed it to me and still have not succeeded is a smooth disc to create more remains for me only a last resort to the specialists here in the forum.
My Camera: Kodak Z1012 IS. Video Quality: MPEG-4 1280x720 (HD720p) HQ. Video Container:. Mov.
The videos are really decent quality, are small and are s.Quick-time player s.PC faultless and beautifully displayed. So far, so good.
Burning to DVD with several programs brought ALWAYS the same result: bucking for faster shots.
The problem is so synonymous in this forum already know, alone a solution, I have read NO.
Just for info: Have ROXIO WinOnCD 10 and Xilisoft DVD Creator 3 and synonymous try DVD Flick (yes all 3 promise a smooth and flawless handling of this. Mov files!). It is jerky and jerky ....
Did it using XMedia RECODE converted to MPEG 2 and it tries Any settings: frame rate 25 (PAL), variable bitrate, interlace, medium and strong deblocking with various thresholds.
It is jerky and jerky (for faster video pans )....
Now I could already read, that the problem when shooting in high quality mpeg4 HD and subsequent reduction in quality is MPEG 2. Nevertheless, brought yet deblocking filter (XMedia RECODE) nothing!
I am not a professional when God wants only my holiday videos (handy if your camera and video camera in a small unit - as in the Kodak) and burn to DVD at home in front of the television show my family. Nothing else.
That this simple task is not possible for me to be really hard to believe. What brings me to shoot when I watch the videos do not even own hearts can (and on one that really has everyone in the living room has.)
I'm already a little (very) frustrated and annoyed. How easy wars but a VHS movie of the video camera into the VHS recorder to plug - and all have about the holiday video can look!
Hope you have a similarly simple video solution for me.
Any program must be with this Kodak can handle videos and make a simple holiday video to DVD (naturally smooth !!!!!).

Requests for real solutions!
(and thank you ever (a lot) in advance!)

PS: short test video (Kodak original, unchanged) in the Annex (playable on Quicktime: View: s.Screen adjust)

Antwort von jazzy_d:

If the Kodak example, in at 30fps? Then should the bucking of the conversion of 30 to 25fps come. For video-mpeg2 DVD is of course mandatory. I think you should employ so Kodak you a solution. I think that's an absolute disgrace that such Cams 30fps with here are sold. If the Manufacturer is synonymous with the home-made problems and solutions.

Antwort von tommyb:

@ jazzy_d
That is the ideal. Unfortunately it will probably never give a photo clippers Derren waste 25fps video function fulfilled. It is precisely when such things abroad to be developed.

@ bob007
To select a song of Fantas quote: Welcome s.Arsch!

Your situation is not totally lost, because there are synonymous for you or a rescue. This is called Avisynth.

You need the following:
QTSource Plugin

Also need to leave a MPEG2 encoder Avisynth files directly to it. Otherwise you need with the help of the VirtualDub files to uncompressed (; or lossless compressed with the codec Lagarith) encode AVI files.

Install Avisynth, chuck QTSource of the dll in the plugins folder of Avisynth and create the directory with your Quicktime files with a file extension of *. avs

Since then comes here:

[code: 1:44 f6964bb5] qtinput ( "Kodak Original.MOV", audio = true) # The file is processed, so multiple files can be loaded: qtinput (; "video1.mov") + qtinput ( "video2 . mov ")
assumefps (; 30) # we take s.die videos are exactly 30 fps

converttoyv12 (;)
lanczosresize (; 720.576) # shrink video to PAL DVD resolution

changefps (; 50) # calculates the material up to 50 frames in which some frames are duplicated

separatefields (;). select every (, 4,0,3). weave (;) # a interlaced picture is created

ssrc (; 48000). ConvertAudioTo16bit # converts the sound to 48000 Khz / 16 bit
[/ code: 1:44 f6964bb5]

With this code, a 50i video to create which is not bucking, since no frames are dropped. There has been synonymous as far geruckelt times here I've tested (and in software player, however).

Teste necessarily whether the sound is synchronously. Bring to a slightly longer clip and look at the synchronicity s.Ende. If the sound is no longer synchronously, then we must "assume (; 30)" away.

Furthermore, you should encode each clip individually and not together as a comment on QTsouce specified. Is the sound in the Quicktime file is not as long as the video itself (; quite possible), can join with a number of clips a Asynchronität arise.

Antwort von actaion:

Simply closing the Cam directly s.das TV, then it should go ...

You can do so synonymous yes on VHS or DVD to play on when you leave a recorder.

Antwort von bob007:

So first of all thank you for the really quick help!

Jazzy_d was right. Did that with the DVD NTSC standard (ie 30 f / sec) burned - and suddenly ran the DVD 1a. Must say, however, that my DVD player is switched (synonymous multi-scan function) and thus auto detect PAL or NTSC s.ein film exists. Hab then converted to PAL ONLY - and the movies jerky again. With NTSC, however, top quality. I own a Panasonic synonymous DV - Video Camera tape, as is the quality of the Kodak films already left a trail better (in direct comparison to DVD!).
Nevertheless: What to do if you do not switch to NTSC? The burning of the Kodak NTSC. Mov movies using burning software with PAL setting with all sorts of programs dtl. jerky pictures showed.
Is it really a simple program, which the Kodak NTSC. Mov movies LOSS and smooth on PAL standard can convert, so I then synonymous with PAL and burn everything on a stinknormalen PAL DVD player can see?
Avisynth and
QTSource of tommyb plugin was already described, sounds a little complicated (or just pretending?) - As I said am not a professional!
At the Kodak camera itself, there is a setting for the video and this is between PAL and NTSC switchable (the concerns, however, not the recording, which is ALWAYS 30f/sec - I have already tried!). Since Kodak films apparently with a single setting to PAL-quality (for viewing s.Television!) Can switch, the conversion via software but synonymous feasible, right?
BTW: Of course I can (with a special) the movies directly s.Television view.
Of course I will not - because - the camera is broken irgenwann once, I want the movies in 10 years synonymous nor can see.
These I will save s.PC and again and again to secure external hard disks. My Panasonic DV Camera is currently broken, DV movies can thus never see (unless you buy you a DV sauteures external player). The backup and synonymous reclamation s.PC is essential in my opinion!

Bin So SIMPLE proposals (software?) To ruckelfreinen transformation of Kodak. Mov (HD - mpeg4) of NTSC to PAL very grateful.

PS: Incidentally, I'm honestly overwhelmed of the extraordinarily rapid and competent assistance of you - there might be some technician abschauen some Elektonikfirmen lot!

Antwort von actaion:

Try out the program: Super
That can pretty much everything in every format, size etc convert.
And it's even free! :)
Whether the result is so perfectly, but I have not tested it in a specific case.

Antwort von tommyb:

So more than the objects link to a description and even a finished script, I can not do synonymous.

If you do not want to try, then it is entirely your decision ...

Antwort von bob007:

Dear tommyb! I want to emphasize again that I have so much help - so quickly - did not expect and especially the things that you've put into the forum naturally was very accommodating. You have you really done a lot of effort, expressed thanks for this.
I am just a simple family man and love shooting and photographing and looking for simple solutions. So I hope that your proposed solution I can implement synonymous, I will certainly try, but I am naturally a little frustrated, so now every film should be treated comprehensively.
The frames of 30 to 25 to reduce the loss and is probably still a challenge.
I am of course annoyed, because the Kodak Cam principle quality is really good films, the company is apparently not worth the trouble takes place, the European PAL market to operate properly.
Of course you can using the films s.PAL-see TV, but for many individual movies then (; s.PC) a general holiday in PAL film to seem almost impossible.
The program should be like SUPER XMedia-RECODE be synonymous yes WinOnCD 10 promises a transformation of NTSC to PAL. Everything possible, just not smooth halt.
I have now s.Kodak, Roxio (= WinOnCD) and XMedia RECODE-mails sent and am anxious to see the answers.
Of course I will keep everyone here s.laufenden and am still grateful for any help!

Antwort von bob007:

Well, I have promised to inform all, finally, we read in this forum to find solutions.


However, the NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC conversion is a real problem.
Today with a film technician talked of something professionally made synonymous. This told me that it was a clean solution is possible, however, will cost several hundred dollars!

Note: Have the proposed solution of tommyb still not tempted - (was a bit frustrated that the previously-on the lookout for other solutions, wasted time and the mass s.verbratenen DVDs!) - But this will certainly make up!


The DVD just in NTSC standard (ie 30 frames / sec) to burn (at almost any software adjustable) and in the DVD player to move has worked wonderfully.
The joke here is: Anders, as in various forums I have read today that seem to almost all NTSC read.
I habs at one of the cheapest SONY and one of the cheapest XORO tries (both certainly been around 5 years old).
With both automatic detection of NTSC, smooth playback on 2 different (synonymous not expensive) PAL standard -50 Hz Röhrenfernsehern!
Video Quality: 1a (in terms of very great praise s.Kodak!)

If you really are at home, which can not: low-cost devices with automatic NTSC / PAL detection, there is already much lower than 50 euros!

Now Kodak, I have already for the good video quality (measured s.einem basic camera with video-sensitive function) praised the manual that came with the Cam has been with this issue but unfortunately is not addressed!
Had it been a light, a few sentences about yourself, we would have all the time (and nerves) spared!

LG and again thanks for all the help!
Your bob007

PS: even a brief note on the contacted support:
Kodak: phone. succinctly: we know that NTSC to PAL conversion is always a bit jerky!, Kodak via email: at least have the phone number of above-mentioned film technicians get to me then the above (several hundred dollars expensive) conversion offer made.
Roxio support (WinOnCD 10): I should defragment the hard drive for more performance. (Pointless alibi response was again mailed and requested more precise information, currently waiting to re-answer).
XMedia RECODE: so far no reply (it is however a principle, not so bad-freeware program!)

Faith but an acceptable solution is found to have
and hope that many readers will benefit from!

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