Infoseite // LCD as a TV (without PC) and monitor?

Frage von schurald:

Dear brethren,

as a camper, I'm looking for a TFT, which I can use both as a TV for the caravan as synonymous as a monitor for your home. Me is because only the ACER AL1732m prestige in www met. He's got synonymous an AV input and DVI. Am I served so well if I want to watch TV via a satellite receiver and synonymous prepared if it later comes to HDTV?

The advantages for Camping and office are for me, purely from Austattungsliste clear: integrated stereo speakers, AV, DVI, wide viewing angle (which is why I opted for a laptop solution).

If I jemdand an inexpensive device (please s.17 "may be called) would be great, because UNFORTUNATELY, the ACER and Design, a design model is totally damn me. I do not want to fork out for the optics but also for the technology. The TFT can really synonymous look bad.

Thank you, Sascha


Antwort von MiXMaster:

Hello, camping trailers, and work quite possibly the TFT-TV 5 to 7 "of electronic dispatch ETT, p.50, 0 ¬


Antwort von schurald:

Hi Stefan,

You could have possibly a link for me? Google has not brought me to the goal.

Many thanks for your tip. I take it into consideration, because I have not yet found a cheap monitor whose price would be justified.


Antwort von MiXMaster:

here's the link, the sound is of the TFT-TV could be better, smaller speakers, as very flat, since the device has input synonymous nor an AV, I use it as a monitor with a wireless video camera, built into a model airplane , or alternatively record of synonymous Notebook

Gruß Stefan


Antwort von stefan h:

hi, but the link to enter your password:

Stefan h


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