Infoseite // LCD preview monitor for about 8 inches camcorder - what's that?

Frage von HitschlerGummi:

I am looking for an LCD monitor, if possible with battery for my camcorder.

Something like in the direction:

Would I purchase over-looking or information sources.

The sharpness setting is not relevant, it is only the size needed.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

As a 4:3 device, I have the X4-tech NOVA 8 in use and am very happy with him. It can operate with 12V. The package is a cable for the car cigarette lighter. I have since I already have a adapter on standard 4-pin XLR built. (The 16:9-sized NOVA 7 gefällt mir nicht so gut.).

Basically, you can but for each vehicle's usable device synonymous with a 12V battery operated. The question is whether and how you use the Camera Battery überhaupt "tap" can not, or whether a separate Battery useful or necessary.


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