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Frage von nikolaus-online:

Hey guys and girls,

The company is looking for an (unfortunately) cheap and relatively good light, the head s.Besten synonymous with Canon Batteries rightly comes. We produce for our online portal, and only turn on MiniDV - which was to stake out a little of the quality.

That with the Canon Batteries is rather optional, we just do not want to stop Batteries need to buy an extra charge for the light.
The offer from the forum topic


Antwort von tommyb:

If anything, come anyway just the head lights based on LED technology in question. Your Canon Batteries have high wenns might get 40 Wh (volts x amps) and because one should not exceed 2 / 3 power pull out (ie a maximum of 27 watts).

In addition, you still need a converter consisting of the 7.2 V (that have your Canon Batteries certainly correct, otherwise please) just makes 12V, otherwise the head light than candlelight.

Sachtler has a head light LED-based that works of 6 to 24V, keep costs only ne rod Money. Then you would save you, but at least a converter.

Then what's missing is a proper power supply. With the help of which you can realize from defective chargers chargers. Should we (then just attach s.der camera or put it in his pocket when the cable is long enough).

All in all, the project will cost you safely around the 360, - enumerate here without the work hours.

Alternatively you, but brings the head light of Indians and one Akkugurt of Ebay. Because certainly need new cells purely wenns (is a NiCD, then any case, otherwise they can not sell;) and then ye are favorable, slightly brighter (and warmer especially as halogen) and serious way.


Antwort von nikolaus-online:

Ever grateful for the detailed answer. 'm Going to explore just your Tips and notify me again then. ;-)
Thank you very much!


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"santa-online" wrote: ... rightly priced and relatively good light, the head s.Besten synonymous with Canon Batteries come ...
LED head lights, with Canon Batteries can be operated, for example, there Of SWIT and Dedo, but with prices around 400 euros, they are probably not what you seek.


Antwort von Johannes:

I leave one Kopflich Swit. An adapter for Canon Batteries you get for few euros. Register it time for me. E-mail is in profile.


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