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Frage von Rolf Hankel:


Especially in order to illuminate my macro shots, if necessary, I am looking for a compact video light as in this version:

good for what such a thing?

Regards Rolf ...


Antwort von handiro:



Antwort von rush:

It will make clear ... no question .. macro should just work for the scho ... not very nice light - but oh well;)

It's always a question of the right ... For little money you can not expect so much more.

Keeping things through with a relatively long Battery / battery charge and are cheap.

Problem I see is more likely that you can not tilt the lamp ...
And you'd have to tinker, if necessary, what the color temperature adjust ... there are a few other models, however small, where as much as filters are supplied ... makes things while not synonymous with the dim color fidelity - is better than nothing:)


Antwort von tommyb:

The thing is garbage.


Antwort von der_demonstrant:

which is good thing? synonymous'm just looking for what the good, you have unknowing ...... what can you recommend as to the 100 - 150 euro


Antwort von vidoc:

It always depends on it. The Chinese sisters of these LED lights are to use well, if you are cold and with relatively little light satisfied. The newer batteries and you can tend to stick together. Of course, only dim, then white balance. Other phosphors change the color temperature when dimmed. For the creation of instructional DVDs Suitable perhaps less. The sweeping condemnation can only apply for pros. I get along well with my sweetie.

By the way, "video shoot" the s.markt available tested in issue 1 / 2011 and recommends the Tecpro Fillini Click (230 EUR), the same construction costs directly from China to the 60th I ordered one that is still not there. Schau'mer times.


Antwort von Frank Glencairn:

The super are here: HDV -Z96-96-LED-Light-Fr-EOS-5D-II-7D-550D-Lighting-bh48-/300507767162 UK_Photography_CamcorderAccess_RL pt = & hash = item45f7a8a17a

We tested a vekauft and point out all of our light panels and replaced with the Z96. All things are the two filter scrap, we use regular gel.



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