Infoseite // Lamination of Fussler on Lens in Final Cut Pro

Frage von joergfrommann:

Unfortunately, I have a rotation but a few small and few, but due to sunlight had Fussler disruptive to the sheriff that I see really only now, on average. Can retouch them in Final Cut Pro, Magic Wand Moderate "a little?

Thanks in advance!


Antwort von Axel:

Then, lay the screen shot of the ambient color in motion with a soft edge mask over de Lint, you'd probably come himself. Guess, then, the subject moves behind the lint and / or the camera moves, ditto. Unfortunately, this means a little manual labor, which by> behavior> Motion analysis of more than> append s.Tracker mask can be facilitated. By the way, would the Photoshop Fix Tool (band-aid), not "magic wand". The truth is, however, that all this would be a little easier in After Effects, Shake synonymous in the way, where with "clone" would be an analogy with the Clone Stamp.

Tip: Do not work too accurate. Take the mask and hood, extremely soft edges off per deck force before striking the mask.


Antwort von nicecam:

Axel has really more idea than I ...

But the tests a little rest - I do in such cases, good experience with VirtualDub> logo away - the synonymous works in Final Cut Pro? (I fear I will not, or do you?) ... He should be time ...

I tried grad to make me smart googelnd, but I am a bit tired ...

forgive me for my current limitation :-(


-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

But by the way (if only it practicable synonymous with Windows) From what Axel grad described as if proposed solution> with logo away so is a "lint-brush" but terribly easy, right? ...

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

By the way: Besides the common Fussel :-) gibt es synonymous den navel lint - Bru HA hahaaa ...


Antwort von Kino:

Try, once the following:

I, the fuzz are quite static, I mean, this / r, not much moved / en. If you'd have to now double sided, the video track to the top, a mask with very soft edges of the fault Seat new, lower trace, eg move to the mask width horizontally, then fill you with the (former) adjacent areas of the image you have mask can.

I have this kind of 'time a group of people "cut", which had no place in Picture. The adjacent background (bush) offered it to synonymous.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

@ Nicecam

Good approach but NO logo away in Virtualdub does not offer itself to this
You can still import as all sorts of format rendering out in Virtualdub but can you really only AVI files.

A mask makes sense s.meisten here first, but what you, care must be "What does the Picture"

Where the mask in such a sky shows good performance, however, makes his food, for example, at a time when one has a face in the picture and the mask NEN margin of the eye twice.
These parts have to be stamped consistently via hand.

So this is an "à la minute" decision is to throw together ergo all the given tips - and just start.

B. DeKid


Antwort von joergfrommann:

Grand Forum's best! Thank you!


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