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Leuchten für Industrie-, Messe-, Kurzfilme. WIE STARK SOLLEN SIE SEIN???

Lamps for industrial, trade show, short films. HOW STRONG ARE THEY??

Frage von matzebadass:
August 2005


I just erkaufsammel my first own equipment and still need a light suitcase. unfortunately, have no idea how much watt die dinger should have. times are only meant for short films and are synonymous but used contracts in the coming years for any.

had the following items in view of:
http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5796109665&rd=1&sspagename=STRK% 3AMEWA% 3AIT & rd = 1

are too strong? if anyone knows of this set, you can dim the lights, or do I buy one?

Many thanks in advance for your reply. is real dringend.danke.


Antwort von Axel:

Hello Matthias,
the light box is a good choice as standard. Something I've rented and I am just looking to buy as cheap. Ideal for reports, as well to transport, basic light enough for normal spaces in any case. Since DV usually manages with little light, you can also use these three light sources or indirectly, and to use reflectors and whitening agent for details. For larger rooms, but not because there are three options:
1. Light borrow. For increased attention to lighting are s.besten called Fresnel spotlight. There are in the affordable range typically halogen lights with barn doors (so-called "gates"), Filtereinschüben, and a "Zoomknopf" side or rear, with whom you (facilitated by a concentrically outwards weaker clustering of safety) the viewing angle can be adjusted , almost of "commercial" to "flood". This new cost of 500 ¬ to 2000 ¬ and far beyond, but the loan fees are usually around 20 ¬ per day, depending on performance. Equipment on ebay (rarely) are often half the locomotives and much too heavy for transportation.
2. In addition to the light box, in which the beam can be synonymous limited by the goal posts are as fill light PAR spotlights good use, so the exhibition stage and disco lighting the easy way with Conrad as she ca 30 ¬ incl lamp . Free Good to transport, as is also lightweight, with Filtereinschüben in which you can use cluster filter. The latter is the main advantage over the usual 500W Baustrahler, which also appear in the semi-professional use something billo. For these lamps, you can at Stillimage Walser (cheap order) in Net lamp stands, but you also need the plug pins for attachment.
3. In some posts relating to "Blue Screen" recommended fluorescent bulbs, which are in front of a reflector can assemble four or more (Tanning similar). The distribution of this light is sensational evenly, and the light radiates much less heat s.als halogen. Only at shorter shutter speeds it is not advisable, because then things start to flicker.

As an electrician I am not an expert. But I have noticed that it is worthwhile to deepen this topic. Tips of the species' only the best, synonymous when it's the most expensive, are well intentioned, but the best will of me not affordable. If my tips you are unprofessional, okay.
Neither the PAR lamps or the lamps are really practical features, this is probably more what `nen film on location.

Antwort von matzebadass:

hi axel,
only once nen fat thanks for your detailed posting. Your tips were not unprofessional. I had the apprehension that are too bright dinger with 800W. spot and foold I can adjust everything. If you are looking sowas conveniently halbwechs and the suitcase is ok for you to s.and guck mal bei ebay under the name "ftl.gmbh. offering the suitcase I s.and today just before posting your suitcase for the 595, - get. s.lager he sells for 780, - and since I'm still here is because except for safety plug, but the cost so nix on request and with the supplies and assembled you the synonymous, if you do not have it with the electronics.

should be no advertising, just nen tipp.

And I think I'll me again nen current conrad-order catalog ;-)

thanks and greetings

Antwort von conceptv.de:

Dear Friends of the illuminated motifs,

here is the tip of the day:
Purchase the following lights: Eurolite tvs 800 (about EUR 79, - per item), it builds to a R7s - Sockets (just an old 500W-1000W - Hardware-) apart halogen floodlights, the tripods of concern to you for about Walimex . Eur 14.99 on ebay. Illuminated! Saving: around EUR 150, - per lamp & Tripod!
Have fun with it

Antwort von PowerMac:

I use always two Dedolightkoffer. They have only four times per suitcase 150 W, but are still quite bright. So we lit out more interviews at concerts and festivals. Unfortunately, that together cost as much as a small car (units 2500 euros). But you can illuminate a lot and so the light is good ...
In order to (indirectly) make clear, it is recommended still the classic Ianiro 3x800W. The typical EB-light suitcase flat. At the ceiling and is well;) The people get s.700-900 per bag. If absolutely hire, then you're here with 60-80 Euro. The usual suspects such as MBF or make a digital camera but synonymous pool of good offers if you rent for longer. But rent is a bit silly ... Lamps I'll buy the better. Thus one is independent. Soon we will buy a few area lights Kinoflos packages. The class make a light! Cool, soft, and it looks the same class. A very soft and smooth, beautiful (!) Illumination. Very high quality from the look. Unfortunately, a car again ... BUT: definitely worth the money. It no longer has the amateur look, this is what one of RTL & Co used to! That itself is worth Money! Cheap Lamps that is synonymous make a cheap light.

For larger venues synonymous ne good idea, or front Kinoflos Softbank (preferably through HMI), for ne uniform illumination. The room with a few Ianiro 4KW HMI or indirectly brighter. Possibly. through the window, bounced Tagslicht with 2 KW or only synonymous with ner Ianiro 1000 W. And for edges, points and Akzenze and everything "interesting" the Dedolight;)
For darker locations aware balloon or a candle lantern can make a nice soft synonymous s.der ceiling light. The Ikea-lanterns are conceivable as a no-budget Favriante.

Saves not s.den tripods! Take good tripods, which are easy to carry and not fall over just like that. Very important is synonymous or at least one transformer for dimming dimmers. Have sandbags and ne cable drum and a couple of 3-distribution while still in the suitcase. Who buys high-lights like Dedolight, saves the film is synonymous and clothespins history. There are already plenty of amateur sets (Baustrahler-moderate) burned out! Prefer to invest in security or let it. Especially with nem Imagefilm order for a customer, you can not get something.

A certain number of watts can not say that. Dedolight with 150 W to 800 W Ianiro with some rich water. Typically, almost all cases with feature lighting 3x800W (ranging 4x1000W better) already halfway. Only if you have fluorescent lighting, daylight to swallow the same time slides 30-50% brightness.

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