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Laptop editing system?

Frage von Christo25:
Januar 2006

I urgently need some good advice for a proposed video system in a laptop!
What can you do, I'll stay longer time in a bus and need for eg a notebook with video card for real-time rendering ner as the pinnacle for dv 500 of Pcs.
What's there for opportunities, what can be done, how much does it cost and how fun son called? Weiss jemand was??

Antwort von PowerMac:

Depends only of your money from.
A top-laptop with Avid Xpress pro with Mojo is certainly not bad. But Taste good and happy 6000, 7000 euros.

It is synonymous with any inexpensive notebook firewire. Premiere Pro 2 does seem much synonymous, may in real time.

Personally, I would bet on the Mac book pro with Final Cut Pro 6. But Taste synonymous 2000 + software) (800 as a student.

Antwort von MiXMaster:

Hello --

I am synonymous looking for a cheap laptop with which I can cut videos!
On what specifically you should watch for, or do I need to special hardware?
And another thing, I can easily to an external monitor, keyboard and mouse attach?

Antwort von AndyZZ:

"Anonymous" wrote:

And another thing, I can easily to an external monitor, keyboard and mouse attach?

I think it's really exciting:
Because people want to deal with the very complex area but DV editing, have probably already bought the most expensive software (or ge .....) and are barely able to turn a PC or at least tell a little bit yourself!

For the last question: Go into an electronics store, since there are heaps of notebooks and laptops issued. Turning around and looking after those things are what sort of connections on! Ask the seller whether any docking stations for it are .... But you take care synonymous times even!

Sorry if that is now stopped over hateful .... But I have increasingly felt that the questions from slipping to the level: 'Help, my PC / video camera does not work! turn ... Oh, I have the / or the synonymous?? .... Where is that because ?

Guess that's one of the problems, why Germany is so bad: Everyone wants to have everything, can do everything. But no one wants to hire or take personal responsibility times. The best way: switch off the brain and can be of different chew everything in small digestible bites and presented!

Grudge ....

So, again I'll s.jetzt nice ...



Antwort von Kiara Borini:

For me, of IBM Thinkpads have always been so ideal, because a akzepieren second internal hard drive. So one can go even up to date 2 * 120 giga what is probably for good throughput.

OT: I just upgraded the 100 Giga Samsung. Super quiet and fast sau ....

Alternatively, come for me or Dell in question. Certainly, haptic and other mechanical Kategorei but synonymous two plates when needed.

If it becomes rough and uncomfortable, it would be a Panasonic Toughbook, the system of choice.

Antwort von Niklas:

Wait until March and then buy a MacBook Pro.
Then Final Cut Pro that is running natively on the new Intel processors.
Firewire is, of course s.Bord and firmly implemented in the OS.
And if you want you can even Reconnect the 30-inch Cinema Display.
The price of the book is quite high, but there is an absolute professional unit.
But the great body (metal, not plastic) pays to know ...
To say nothing of the content.

Antwort von Stefan:

Yes always the students. Sleep until noon, and cheap hashish inject abgreifen notebooks!

Uah, which I will synonymous ;-)
The fat Stefan

Antwort von Brunorockt:

@ AndyZZ

Very nice young man!
Germany is so bad because it lacks s.der helpfulness and compassion!
Ne is still simple question, and if anyone is not interested then please let's easy!
Your time could you invest better if you should perhaps have a few basics that would specify a notebook so that it strikes us easier to gain insight into the cause!

But better times complaining vigorously and help spread bad mood too!

Antwort von AndyZZ:

"Brunorockt" wrote:
@ AndyZZ

Very nice young man!
Germany is so bad because it lacks s.der helpfulness and compassion!
Ne is still simple question, and if anyone is not interested then please let's easy!
Your time could you invest better if you should perhaps have a few basics that would specify a notebook so that it strikes us easier to gain insight into the cause!

But better times complaining vigorously and help spread bad mood too!

At least I'm polite enough to say goodbye with names, rather than posting anonymously here.

Moreover, I have certainly been able to give some helpful answers.

In terms of humanity and helpfulness, I will give you quite right. But humanity and willingness to help does not mean that support vorschobene stupidity and laziness of some people who prefer fact rather selfishly profit from your willingness to help.

If I have the feeling that one really knows next any more, which I like to help. If I have a feeling the person who is just too lazy times the Ars. to get off the sofa ... Then there are other sayings halt. Wanted to offend anyone, but to call it once to be more proactive.

If you'd properly read my posting, then you'd synonymous noticed that my comment was not related to the question about the properties of the notebook computer for editing (this question is quite justified), but rather subsequent to the question of whether is it possible to connect a monitor and a mouse s.ein notebook. And this question can be any (!) Synonymous with just a hint of answering the initiative itself or find the solution for it.

And so I am not completely non-willingness to help is accused of:

What should a notebook can?

In my opinion:
- At least 1xFirewire port
- With at least 80 GB of hard drive space, NTFS formatted
- Operating system Windows XP or Mac (as I do not know my way)
- Screen should support a high Resolution1280x1024
- A second monitor is directly in the rule may be connected via a docking station, separate keyboard and mouse ditto
- Graphics card should be potent enough that it supports the simultaneous use of monitor and built-in display (split screen)
- As much RAM as possible (at least 512 MB better 1GB or more)
- Fetsplatte as quickly as possible, usually play out enough for capturing or a plate had been synonymous with 5400 rpm (the old notebook panels 4xxx rpm does not know whether this is sufficient or not is still relevant)
- Built-in multi-format DVD burners, ideally as Dual-/Double-Layer Burner
- A faster processor, for predominantly Centrino mobile operation, etc.
- Software is a matter of taste: I work with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, After Effects 6.5 Pro, Photoshop 6 and DVD Lab Pro, burning with Nero

More occurs to me on the fly not. Brand recommendation, I can not give ....



Antwort von MiXMaster:

Experience has been on capturing s.gehobenem Pentium III laptops with 4200 rpm disks no longer a problem if the target partition is clean. Therefore, it is recommended synonymous today, to use for the video data to a separate partition.

Meanwhile, the 2.5-inch plate of the notebooks are indeed synonymous arrived in video-capable dimensions.

Occasionally I have had M * di * s & Co. came under the fingers, which are badly overburdened with Ports and then when you use two of the same problems were given (about Firewire and PCMCIA) card.

My motto is keep it simple because: On ports that are not essential to be better without. Parallel, serial, floppy, that would be as in my case.

If it is longer needed, it can help a port replicator / docking station. Here, once again IBM / Lenovo and Dell good places.

For archive purposes, Cape Town without popping it will not get external hard disks. This can be USB, Firewire possibly synonymous, but it may be synonymous a network disk, either with Linux / Samba, or as a hardware solution.

In addition to a fast hard drive helps memory, storage, memory. Buy Because of the limited slots, but better yet in the desired memory configuration, for laptop memory is still expensive.

Another sidenote: I think neither of which still Billignotebooks of designer notebooks. If a company designed its product for the hard everyday office, then you can expect synonymous to a notebook without housing deformations one can durchrendern after.

In the current c't incidentally are being tested dual-notebooks.

Antwort von Kiara Borini:

"Anonymous" wrote:
Capture experience is
straight dual-notebooks tested.

Oops, again not connected. War of me ...

Antwort von Brunorockt:

Super, thanks AndyZZ, very helpful!
Disagreement resolved ;-)

Antwort von Christo25:

So so!

I must say min 700 euros to lie down for n good used laptop and then I need to install Adobe Premiere Pro2!
Mir gehts especially around the cutting means instant that I did not because every cut that I have to wait for change that renders the Pc that.
And how looks like when screens and filters?
Purchase request for answers otherwise I have to re-s Pc with the DV500 and I find no net toll.
Greetings Mirko

Antwort von prem:

Well, you do not need to Premiere - Vegas would do it as synonymous, and there really is running in real time from almost anything (unless it is HD).

Two hard drives in a notebook the way, I think not so important: I have got an external FireWire enclosure and 'ne 250 GB disk and it works with Avid Xpress Pro outstanding.
This program is not recommended for real stories yet fully, but it requires certain things of a Prerenderings before one can evaluate the effect. Simple panels are synonymous (on a 1.73 GHz Pentium M with no real problem as many other things synonymous) and I hope that future releases to become something more modern, synonymous when I want without cutting on nothing else (I have long enough for the switch with the appropriate training needed ;-)).

A miracle in terms of real time might be more synonymous Edius - if you read. So you do not have to stick with Premiere, synonymous if the program can certainly almost everything what you need.

In the notebook way, I have set to HP (nx8200) - all off and everything in it, what you need. Only a second firewire port I have not found bad, but will probably be found less in Books (even Apple is seemingly more on USB how to recognize s.der lack of Firewire 800 port on the new Mac Book can).


Antwort von Gustav:


Have also a xn8220, as it should but can supply additional Firewire interface via PCMCIA (PC Card Setup). Habs have not tried, but I was interested, maybe someone has experience with it. Costs about 20-25 Teuro.


Antwort von mint400:

I'm on my HP notebook only had problems with Firewire through PCMCIA. The notebook has given the PCMCIA port is not enough juice, so has the Firewire connection is always hung after a couple of MB transferred. At the PCMCIA card could still attach a separate power supply, but that has been of no avail synonymous ...
Habs tried with 2 different cards, always the same problem.
Whether it synonymous with other notebooks I know does not occur. You may ask the dealer if you can return the product for incompatibility again.

Antwort von mdb:

"PowerMac" wrote:
A top-laptop with Avid Xpress pro with Mojo is certainly not bad.

The Mojo Box is to be mechanically very unstable and generate considerable waste heat. In addition, there are only asymmetric Tonanschlüsse. By the company Isselhorst there is a 19 "rack rate in order to resolve these drawbacks.

Antwort von AndreasBloechl:

How satisfied are you with the display since the HP laptop. I work hard synonymous with this subject can be, but to dv8289ea HP Widscreen 17Zoll not even have a price available on the web. Are these dual cores synonymous for HDVschnitt?

Antwort von kris:

I cut almost exclusively on my laptop, external USB hard drive, external keyboard, the second monitor. If necessary, however, can waive the periphery, for example. on the bus :-) 1.8 GHz, 1024 MB Ram. Is now standard.
Software: EDIUS!! All in real time directly to DV - Out (well, at the same filters at 5, he then goes synonymous to its knees, but who needs it anyway). DV and HDV and mpg, synonymous all mixed on a timeline. Without hardware. Can work just as well or even better than with the Canopus Storm, which I had professionally.
Ciao Kris

Antwort von AndreasBloechl:

What kind of laptop you use as well.
I Have now views the HP8232, 8233 and 8289 considered, but across the screen, I can not find any info if that is synonymous good use for photo editing, synonymous of Dell, I have never read anything about this. Had the fact DellTM9400 in the eye but you can probably order only with Media Center Edition. The Sony displays are so many I could read extremely reflect. Did you happen Könen doing there experiences?
I think would not synonymous for the price of HP 8289 on the net, but ask for time at HP.
But you've still experience synonymous with the service after the warranty, which will very much since abzocken then what is broken, right?

Antwort von kris:

I have a no-name (bebop), is a Amilo-replica, but with compatible components, for a branded device of the same performance I would have paid twice as much. This stylish mirror displays, I think to work shit, trips watching triple a DVD they are OK. I still prefer to work s.einem CRT monitor! Is perhaps a matter of habit.
Service is probably regulated by Fernabgabegesetz (??), ie two years warranty. After that? If buying new probably cheaper - s.was comes on it is broken.
Mine was once broken in the warranty, since it was picked up by UPS, repaired and put back without hesitation. Toitoitoi!
I would buy the part synonymous back in the network, since it is cheaper, and you always have 14 days return policy, so you can try at rest and return if necessary.

ciao Kris

Antwort von AndreasBloechl:

Thank you for your help. Frightens me with the repairs starting something, when I consider a very good notebook 2000Euro same time and costs after three years if things go badly is to be scrapped. I know not whether I am right then maybe not arming the PC and a very cheap buy for surfing. But thanks for your help.

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