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Lizenz- und Copyright Fragen bei KOMMERZIELLEN Filmdreh

Licensing and Copyright issues in film shoot COMMERCIAL

Frage von Isabell:
Februar 2006

I have an order for a company or their website to rotate an image film, the film is not so Walk in my bookcase at home, but will be published. What does that lizenztechnisch with the material that I turn.

1. Can I just like that in public places such as pedestrian zones, turning the material and the commercial application of the image film?
2. As the same looks at buildings like the Brandenburg Gate or the DB-building in Berlin?
3. or traveling in an ICE?

I'm not sure if I work as the Mercedes of public land may shoot out and the whole simply can then use to advertise for another company.

Hope you will keep me there any way to help. Although I've already tried the forum search, but most of the posts revolve around private recordings that are not published or sold.

Greeting, Isabell

Antwort von Isabell:

I should perhaps add that I am shooting the film as a private person and have registered a trade. But the film is released and then sold s.eine Company.

How does it look like with music, which I create, for example, with the help of Magix Audio? May I use the commercial for the movie? Actually, the software consists only of individual loops, which are only at the assembly to the actual piece of music.

Antwort von Kiara Borini:

"Isabel" wrote:
As the same looks at buildings like the Brandenburg Gate or the DB-building in Berlin?

I asked one of the Foundation of Prussian Kutlurbesitz because I for sample clips on my (non commercial) site wanted to put that I wanted to shoot in Sanssouci park in Potsdam, with a normal DV camera with no tripod. The money would really want to have it.

On the other hand, we have photos of the German Museeum times a day inMünchen long shot, were taken voneinem knowledgeable staff and then have the material may be published in a magazine, marked only with a note to the museum! How polite can be handled the same synonymous.

My experience is that many things happen if both sides interest s.einem Project jhaben and nothing if we minded drangeht.

My advice to public places: Catering! Who is in the Picture and enters into a list to which he agrees with the publication, ne kriegft sausage. Is expensive, but cheaper than litigation afterward, even when you're on the legally secure page. - And when is this before ... - And louder whopping satisfied extras who want to see on the Internet increase, also the click-rate!

The DB is difficult, but the station indeed a matter of prestige. When s.Dreh probably are not interested, then maybe, if you will also receive a small readaktionelles "Making Of" offers on the web site, they come across on the positive. But achtung: The architect has rights!

My basic advice in such cases: Dialogue and a win-win situation to come of it.

I just read, the rotation is in Berlin - then maybe ;-) prefer sausage instead Doner

Antwort von steve:

Already done ... bye

Antwort von Kiara Borini:

Yes, but leave you with a swivel front of the Berlin Hauptbahnhof time observing it would-be run-celebrity with his / her unofficial G'spusi before the camera and behind the manager senses a horny Press ...

Then out of the crowd quickly the face in the crowd trouble and are inevitable. I think the clarification in advance for the appropriate method, if not the legal department of a major broadcaster / publisher stands behind you. And there are so many mediengeile people today who like to run for just a damp handshake through the Picture.

For 200 Euronen eventually make the whole sport accident completely synonymous with the private sector with their own videos to the monkey. Since you will still be able to Berlin a few Kasper with bait or ner kebab nem sausage. What does changing so'n bratwurst grill-masters have s.Tag ...

Antwort von Isabell:

Thanks for the quick answers!
As regards the DB I would not at first go to the private property of the DB, but DB film the building from the sidewalk for example, this is possible without the agreement of DB. Similarly, the ICE. I'm looking for a suitable place and postier me 50 (or a sufficient distance) next to the tracks. I've only stop irgednwie concerns when you see it in my film as the DB can sign and then somehow arrive later and have something to do to them, because of the "brand" and so.

And made recordings of the buildings, I can then make full use of my movie, without later, someone may ask for more money later?

As an alternative, I thought I simply buy the pictures of buildings with pictures of agencies and then animate them, but who want some ¬ 300 for a Picture of the Victory Column, that's a joke. Since I prefer to drive myself right again and press buttons.

@ Kiara: The thing with you with the recordings in the Sanssouci park probably due to the fact that you have filmed in a park. There, I think you need permission to shoot from Flächenamt or so.

@ steve: Some people I'm not filming, as I said just the typical sights and monuments vin Berlin. All the people are coming and nebendran necessarily hold onto Picture probably fall under § 23 KunstUrhG

Antwort von Kiara Borini:

As far as I know, the ICE as well as a brand synonymous protected as utility models.

In Sanssouci is according to my answers to the park, the arrangement of Park and architecture and the architecture and the arts around the architecture of the SPSG holds the exploitation rights. If this is so, then that should be synonymous for a lot of other buildings in Berlin, which are indeed in their custody.

A further consideration when the Menung the SPSG interspersed synonymous the former Prussian possessions outside of Berlin-Brandenburg.

Antwort von Isabell:

I just received the following reply of the Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission:

"If you are traveling alone and (most importantly) from the eye level of a public road land (Note: there are private roads s.Potsdamer place synonymous!) from filming or taking pictures, the images without authorization, as long as the public including the pedestrian traffic in any way hamper.
However, you can shoot or photograph (for example, a work of art synonymous one besorndere architecture) be in the public domain and is not this included only incidental to the composition, you will require the permission of the author, unless it is for over 70 years, died ist.Das copyright namely expires seventy years after the death of the author. So, the shooting or taking pictures of the Victory Column and the Brandenburg Gate is safe, while we're filming at the example of a particularly artificial bay window of a new building in a legal gray zone is that the architect may still lives on his copyright and may persist (although the probability is very low).
Shooting on private land, they must obtain the approval of the respective Beitz. "

So all the old buildings are probably safely Filmbar otherwise siehts well with the DB-building that the architect is probably not yet 70 years dead:)

Antwort von BjörnF:


So basically is all you rotate the avatar of a public road land without authorization. And the synonymous Bahntower You can rotate. That is synonymous of public interest.

And if a DB is synonymous logo in the picture, then it's just there. So beautiful, you the full picture, it is indeed now show a few seconds again not synonymous.

And as for Sansouci, that's simply not a public road and then the country will hold money, especially if you want to advertise for someone. For the normal coverage would be synonymous flexible.

And do you have to attract synonymous no extras. When walking around in ner long shots of what always synonymous passers-by, then that is totally no preference, because there simply is no one recognized. If you still single fimst, perhaps because ne group of Japanese funny pictures or whatever makes - let the ne consent form to sign and then you're safe on the page.



Antwort von mtb-design:

"Isabel" wrote:
I should perhaps add that I am shooting the film as a private person and have registered a trade. The film will be sold but then s.eine Company publishes and ..

And the money that you get is certainly less than 320 euros. Otherwise you'd have to specify the log yes / ...

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