Infoseite // Lie in the export to Quicktime Movie

Frage von worenski:

Premiere Pro CS3:
When exporting a sequence (38min.) as a Quicktime movie, the rendering process (with H.264 compression) after the half aborted because "not enough space on the (external) hard drive-free" was - but there are still 220 G free ! - Happens on Mac and PC.

Other / shorter sequences from the same project without any problems with the same settings are exported.

Has anyone ne idea why my computer anlügt me?



Antwort von robbie:

"worenski" wrote: Has anyone ne idea why my computer anlügt me?

while if he gets a long nose, I would think he is lying times indeed.

if he does not, I would look at the settings thorough. because the event takes place on mac and pc happens is the very error unwahrschlich s.betriebssystem or software.
maybe times, so to speak on their own doorstep again.


Antwort von rush:

look in the preferences you've set s.arbeitslaufwerken there ... because then you have to synonymous for audio / video preview and the other things are still set your external drive ...

can possibly synonymous again move when the extremely platte times with a new drive letter logs ... then again all are working on drives set the standard partition.



Antwort von tommyb:

What is the external hard drive formatted? Not coincidentally FAT32? How big is the file after the export is canceled?


Antwort von klaas:

if you have the hdd connected s.mac un pc you have very probably a formatting fat ... fat is, however, limited what the size of individual files is concerned. FAT 32 is like on an individual file size of max 4 gb limit ...

gruß, klaas.


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