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Have just finished my first film with VEGAS MOVIE STUDIO 9.0 PLATINUM burned to DVD (approx 27.5 minutes)
I have a 2.8 GHZ processor, 3,35 GB of RAM and work with VISTA (32-bit).
The pull of the Camera on the calculator was no problem, then I have the clips that needed to render and mti DVD ARCHITECT STUDIO (without menu) burn (16-fold speed).

The movie is synonymous with no errors as far as that is only visible when the camera pans that he was not quite so quickly and comes back a bit falters.

Has anyone an idea how to even "liquid"-how?

Maybe slower than with 16-fold speed burn?

Many thanks in advance and
with best regards


Antwort von domain:

So with the burning speed has nothing to zun. If you do not even have steered too quickly is crucial, whether the synonymous Jerkiness occurs when you have the DVD with the right on a TV play. On the PC playing jerky something soon, since there are many causes.


Antwort von Ahnungslos2:

Oh, because I was (as usual) probably not well expressed;
the bucking is displayed on the TV, when playing eined.
Whether he auf'm PC jerky tonight I would still try, because I currently am working on the ...


Antwort von TiMovie:

In the age of plasma and co. you should always specify what kind of screen the film to be!
On a tube monitor? LCD?
Look in your video project if your film interlaced (576i) or progressive (p) was exported!
give us this information then we can certainly improve your help!


Antwort von Ahnungslos2:

OK, apologies, is at work is not always so easy ...

I still have a tube-Television.

Due to the export ... You think of the camera or on the calculator of the clips to render or rendered to DVD?


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