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Frage von Blackeagle123:


I once tested here in an extreme example (quickly falling plate), the slow motion of the Canon EOS 60D, possibly synonymous interesting for you. The result looks quite similar with a 7D. Recorded with the 60D, the 720p50 mode. Later, the footage interpreted to only 20 frames. (Between 25 and 20 frames can be seen barely a noticeable difference, as the premiere super-charged intermediate images.)

The videos I have down converted to a Flash file, only to times of the slow motion to get an impression. 40% at this speed are very fast motion problem, with slower movements is still something more. For example, a person who rocks, I guess at about 30-35% speed without blur & clear to see imperfections.
Have the videos with Premiere Pro (CS4) output.

Here, the first original video (50p rate, but it was scaled down in the YouTube file to 25p standard.)

And here is the slow motion version (40% speed by playing with 20 frames, again extrapolated to 25p standard.)

The videos are good to create drama and a recording of it time and it shows sharp too. For a real slow motion but then of course it needs 100 full pictures and more.

Important Note: This is about the quality or Resolutionder videos, but only to give the impression of slow motion does not. Therefore, the Youtube videos for as little flash videos only converts.

I hope what you could do with it.

Best regards,


Antwort von Mantas:

hm as far as I know the premiere calculated between images, but rather the double.

went through, I had recently noticed when I frame for frame.


Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Can be, I'm not sure. What about when you go on "speed" (and 80% adjusted), "Interpret Footage" instead of (set 20 pictures)?



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