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Frage von Der King mit dem Ding:

Hi folks,

I will soon be a live broadcast via streaming on the Internet and make it comes to some questions about the hardware and the procedure is concerned.

It should be two people simultaneously from three different settings to be filmed. The whole should s.besten in HD (V) on a medium in addition to subsequent Postpro recorded, but in PAL during the live broadcast in the coming Calculator (which Camera is suited). There are three cameras would be needed in any case, a video mixer synonymous. What can you me because RECOMMENDATION and how do I get the video data of the mixer into the calculator, so that they evolved into a stream and of the IT people can be transferred?

Is super important. Would be very good if someone could give advice. If what is not understood, just ask ...

Thanks in advance



Antwort von megalutzi:

ie video mixer with 4 inputs:
Videonics MX1
Panasonic MX50
Panasonic AVE55
and new:
Datavideo SE500 and SE800
Edirol V4

Then an A / D converter, for example of Canopus ADVC110 or Terratec Cameo Convert. The FiWi provide a signal which each calculator with FiWi accepted and with the necessary software to the Internet can hunt.

If you only once the whole need hardly makes sense to buy, can borrow synonymous. Kannst mir mal ne mail synonymous with the info, I can give you perhaps synonymous help.


Antwort von harryr.feet:

Thanks in advance, be enrolled in any case today or tomorrow.



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