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Frage von Videofactory:


I stand in front of a Project in June, which I had not to this extent and time so I hope that you can help me with some ideas and advice.

It's about a theater night, in which occur in a building all night for several theater groups. In the courtyard of the building there is also a stage, beer tents etc. so you can sit between the performances or synonymous during a performance there.

In the auditorium (; where the performances) are two screens to the left and right of the stage will be suspended. On the farm, a further screen can be set up.

All three screens will show the same can, however the screen can show something else out there synonymous to as the inside.

While performances are shown on the screens in the auditorium of rendered video sequences, which, however, of course, should not be seen on the farm, the projector there is during which information about the current and the next piece, and possibly on the latest football scores (; England vs . USA) show.

Between the performances, video projector, all this information show.

Here is what I've been thinking:

Since the projector in the auditorium is always the same show, should I go about RGB Out of a beamer in the second (; 3x 3M X30 projector is the way). The auditorium projector hanging s.einem PC (; technical data can I find out yet) either via VGA (which about 15 m) or composite.
VirtualDJ is running on the PC to the finished video to show (or, if you find other software to play videos with a number of displays (; one for control, one for the show) knows, bring it on.
The projector is out s.einem second (identical;) PC, also with VirtualDJ.

On a third PC (; synonymous identical) does Ventuz and provides real-time animations for the ads, what's next, what, etc. The picture is of that I wanted to spend via Composite and feed via USB - Video-grabber in the two projectors PCs ( , the live-picture can be displayed in VirtualDJ as source).

I see problems in the transition from the current video grabber. The projector can, however, no HD, only SD anyway why is it.

Has anyone done it before and like something like I can give as advice? If I may be what makes the difference?

The hardware would be up to the video grabber would already available and therefore cost nothing.
Budget is naturally very limited. Precise information I have as yet not received, but it should not go above 100 euros.

Thanks in advance Schonmal.

Greetings, Alex.


Antwort von Videofactory:

Does anyone have a different idea, the picture from the Calculator with Ventuz injected into the other? Network is available (100Mbit cable) or people will better go about it?


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