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Frage von kopfsalat:

Hi Folks,

I have the following problem. I want an HDV tape with log SonyHDR FX7E (Firewire 400). Use the Log dialogue in Final Cut Pro. Both with direct login as synonymous with Clip with Log In and Out score created for me a lot of files about 20 pieces, if not a problem ...

However, between the various files about 4-10 seconds neglected imagery, so no zusammenghängender film so far. My questions:

Why is that?
Can I configure Final Cut Pro is that only one file sentsteht from the movie?
If so, how?
Recording was preset HDV 1080i50 HDV and AIC. Incidentally, the checkbox (new clip with start / stop creating) in the clip settings in the Log and Capture dialog has not changed it.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance. Thanks for the great page!


Antwort von Axel:

You doing anything wrong, but you'll need to change your workflow. "Apple HDV" and of gecapturete original HDV codecs, AIC and ProRes to create new clips "on timecode break", regardless of whether this behavior or the Start / Stop detection (in the case of interframe is start / stop a TC break ) of elected you and regardless of whether you take-log cross clips. Good that it is so, it guarantees stable, synchronous clips without TC-gaps. The "neglected" material are on the GOP's hang out frames, incidentally, is always less than 1 seconds, not 4-10, at least not in native HDV.

"Log" is not worth it, then for HDV. "Backward-logging" means the notes during the "Direct" Recording and sorting and renaming the clips in the browser (and, on right, synonymous in the Capture Scratch folder). This procedure has proven faster than logging. Even faster is the transfer of a card, and there - Ätsch! - Will always remember that the material is perhaps something should sift in real time.

Why are you the way, are using AIC? Very old calculator, for example, G4? But for a long time native HDV is no longer an issue, and ProRes would be forthcoming for some color correction, etc. even better (for example, the AIC does not like color, as 4:2:0).


Antwort von kopfsalat:

Hello Axel,

Thank you for your comprehensive answer. Unfortunately, this does not solve my problem and I do not understand some terminology right.

I filmed a concert, always cassettes way through without breaks more of TC start to finish.

In the simple configuration I choose eg HDV recording, with Sony HDV Firewire controller. Now I open the Login dialog and import the entire tape would s.Stück z. b. With direct recording. Coil s.den top - right click - click play s.zuspieler (HDR FX7) and off you go.
everything so far so good, now I get a lot of individual files, which unfortunately does not fit together seamlessly, as disappearing around 4-10 seconds.

I get the entire cassette thus no error in the mac?? There is always missing a few seconds or frames. That can not be true?

AIC, I used only as a variant to test.

My Mac is uptodate. Pro Res is synonymous a good idea, if not there would be space. Color correction is not available for this project is so important.

What does log the "backward"?

Maybe I am completely synonymous on the hose :-).

How can I get an HDV tape, definitely no TC breaks into my Final Cut Pro einzuspielen without the material lost between the clips go?

Could it be s.der Cam or s.der hard drive?

Thank you in advance.


Antwort von Axel:

Synonymous You can use iMovie to capture AIC before (under Settings Resolutionwählen full and, important) to restart program. Just in case you suspect that making Final Cut Pro in any way crap. The question is: If capturet iMovie s.Stück what that means then. EDIT: If it is also chopped up the clips, you may either TC-breaks or a bad FW connection. Cable Exchange?

First I would try with HDV, but "simple configuration. It was not much to be said against it, and others to speak, that the files are less than half as large as AICS. I personally capture for almost ten years with Final Cut Pro, now synonymous with almost ten different cameras. My experience is that an error is usually sought in the configuration. FC is prone to outbrake themselves over time. Therefore, there is not only an FC-preset-reset tool, but three, but you can do it safely themselves. The great Final Cut Pro, reset:> lettuce Mac> library> preferences> - and, next below, file> Final Cut Pro User Data in the trash. Restart (Note: Capture Scratch, etc. indicate new, if possible, nothing else), and Final Cut Pro is like new. Then just "use Easy Setup.

Should there still remains the long breaks clip, my guess is that there is TC-breaks, synonymous, and although the camera when reproducing the video permanently. There is then not much you can do, since the recording device is in doubt, the most reliable device for playback.

With one exception: Dirty heads. Sony Premium instance tend not abzuschmirgeln heads though, because the magnetic coating is so soft, but to contaminate it with abraded particles. It is found out quickly: Cleaning tape for 10 seconds.

Keep us posted so that we expand our knowledge.


Antwort von kopfsalat:

Thanks for the reply.

Imovie is currently playing, and again I get the first time after 7:30 a clip to change, so a new clip. I hope the cam is not Monatgsproduktion. Did someone ne idea what could be the problem?
This would then mean that there is a sketch of TC and therefore a new clip is created it? The Sony premium, I take from your specified start long gone. 'm With JVC Pro HD, but cost more, but find it quite well. You can play on you in an emergency often synonymous.

The camera is now running perhaps 10 times. Should you have just read head 20 or 25 hours. Each time with JVC tapes. Once Panasonic DVM 60th

Hooray, now on it gets tricky!

LG Daniel

The same with the cable, I try, can be good, very good tip, thanks.


Antwort von Axel:

Do you have the opportunity to capture someone else? You ought to do then, no preference to what. Because if it will run consistently, your machine has some problem. If well, it's not the camera. One way or know well.


Antwort von kopfsalat:

Get the check everything thoroughly and report back. Especially the information for the reset, I found to know very well.
Yes, I tend to cable or the additional Firewire card in my Chameleon Macs .... Become the whole morning on my G5 with another cable to try again.

Thank you for your time.


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