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Capture mit USB2.0 niedrige Auflösung

Low Resolution Capture with USB2.0

Frage von Cordesh:
Mai 2006


erstmal thank you for this great forum.
I've made my decision through the information here for a SonyDCR-HC96E camcorder.
Many questions (Batteries, tapes, ...) could be clarified by the search.
But now I have one at which I hope not to be referred to the search.
I connected my HC96 via the enclosed USB cable s.den PC.
With the "video capture tool" I have committed a first test recording on the PC.
After what I've read so far here at the forum I was expecting a file with an extension of something with "MV" in the name carries and has a Resolutionvon 720x576 pixels.

I have received only one *. avi with 320x240 pixel resolution.
This is not a display bug of WMP, synonymous Magix Video Deluxe bleats about this resolution.
Here in the forum I found by searching for posts on this topic when it came with the USB 1 may come to the (only small resolution) movies are transmitted.
But I have definitely s.USB2.0 the camera (connected to Adaptec 3121 DuoConnect controller).

In the manual I found in the description of (not included) I-link cable (which, my IEEE1394/FireWire, right?) The testimony will be transferred when you use this cable, the image data with higher quality than with a USB cable.

Just to be sure before I buy an appropriate cable tomorrow:

Is it not really possible, notwithstanding USB2.0 to get the movies in full quality of the tape to the PC, unless you use "I-Link"?
Or maybe I'm still a beginner's mistake?

Thanks for your answers) (and hopefully no reference to the search.



Technical data if needed:

Cam: SonyDCR-HC96E
Per cent: AMD XP 2700 +
Memory: 2 GB
BSYS: Windows 2000 SP4, all updates
hard drive for capturing: 2 x 160 GB in RAID 0, totally free, NTFS

Antwort von PowerMac:


Antwort von Cordesh:

* Grumbles Cordesh: "why did not I found?" And moves to be ashamed of in the corner *

Thank you!

Antwort von Jan:

For HC 94 / 96 I do not know synonymous in my head, had no time to test it.
For 2005ern SonyHC, 90 / PC 1000 USB Highspeedfähig.
Komischweise of how you described in the successor model of the HC 90 - HC 96 in the Instructions of made a worse quality with USB.

Videoaktivdigital has indicated in the latest edition of the USB high-speed problems. Thus, despite the high speed USB Camera zb Canon MVX 45i / Panasonic GS 280 etc with so many retro USB 2.0 card does not prevail quickly contact, the computer displays USB composite device - USB Uralt - no capturing 720x576 possible.

But it would have to stand in the USB Video Device Class Device Manager.

VAD is s.für highspeed USB has SP 2 on XP Calculator, installed SP 4 on Windows 2000 Calculator. If no SP 2 (XP) was installed / deleted the answer is already there. Since you have install SP 4, it can not be that.

Either the HC 96 is not Highspeedfähig (which I suspect - and nowhere else's is), or is upgraded USB? Look after the time a 100% correct USB high-speed camera to test ala Canon MVX 45i / 4i - Panasonic GS 37/180/280/300/500 etc for testing or even better buy yourself a Firewire cable - the so there should be less stressful.


Antwort von Cordesh:


With the firewire cable work right away.
However, the Sony tool makes synonymous with Firewire Avi's, but with 720x576.

Antwort von Jan:

Just the right resolution - such as the HC 96 Mini DV tape's write down, more goes to you not - is not a halt HDV Camera ....


Antwort von Cordesh:

"Jan" wrote:
Just the right resolution - such as the HC 96 Mini DV tape's write down, more goes to you not - is not a halt HDV Camera ....

Already clear, I just wanted to emphasize that the Avi's are still, just stop with the correct resolution.

Somehow, even when Sonydas bit poor of a camera in this price no tape and only one (fairly useless) USB cable is there.

Antwort von Markus:

"Cordesh" wrote:
Somehow, even when Sonydas bit poor of a camera in this price no tape and only one (fairly useless) USB cable is there.

This is so for many years, because synonymous higher priced (well!) Camcorder with which to measure the competitors.

On my first camcorder (Video8) was not all here: Battery, Charger, RF adapter, cassette. But this is a long (!) Ago. Instead, there is a digital recording for the same money with better picture-and poorer sound quality (especially drive noise). Unfortunately, the processing is not as good as before, as your camcorder to have cost more money right ... ;-(

Antwort von kerberos:

On my Panasonic GS140 was also 'just' a USB cable and no tape there.

And cheap was not synonymous. Since the camcorder I am not online but bought in a shop had, I could abschwatzen the seller two tapes.

Antwort von A4:

On this subject I have as synonymous Beginners ask the question:
USB 2.0, but even a slightly higher transmission rate, such as Firewire.
Why should we then get a USB 2.0 port of lower quality?
I do not doubt that this is the case in practice. I would just like to know why this is so times.

Maybe someone knows?

Antwort von grovel:

1. If the data overhead is mitrechnet USB2 not slightly better, but slightly worse than Firewire.
2. Most cameras deliver via USB2 halt a qualitatively worse signal. Even if it were possible to send an equivalent to. The USB version is far vssHobbybenutzer addressed, what you want to import video to your PC without having to cut and want to place on the Internet. Everything is already packed and ready, you have to wrangle with no more codecs, for einzuspielen as a total computer novice DV and compress is already a small art.

SeeYa Groveler

Antwort von Markus:

"A4" wrote:
USB 2.0, but even a slightly higher transmission rate, such as Firewire.

This question keeps coming back. Here's a benchmark:
USB 2.0 is [not] a little faster than Firewire

Antwort von A4:

Okay, now I know. Thanks for the information!
So you have to simply accept this firewire history as it is, which mean in my case, that I must get a FW card for the PC.

Antwort von Markus:

"A4" wrote:
Does this mean ... what in my case, that I must get a FW card for the PC.

More than 15 ¬ is a normal, OHCI-compatible IEEE 1394 card itself costs in the computer shop around the corner not. Unless there is attached a video editing program. ;-)

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