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Frage von Papollo:

I would like to buy myself a new video camera. Since I like to Photograph synonymous, I think it will be a s.besten Lumix GH1 or Canon 5d tend mark 2nd of this test, I'm beigeistert. Absolutely amazing how the two cropping.
Has anyone of you have experience with the GH1 or 5dmark2 made? Both in photographic films as synonymous in the picturesque area.
Is it advisable Stillimage and unite in a camera to film?
Can you suggest me others just for film cameras in this price range?



Antwort von deti:

"Papollo" wrote: Is it advisable Stillimage and unite in a camera to film?
Current status: No.
... And I know I will just massively contradicted.

For people who like film is staged with some advance planning, a camera to shoot some suitable. For those who want to rely on shooting on autofocus, good handling and good sound, should definitely take a proper video camera.



Antwort von pilskopf:

With the Lumix already the filmmakers with everything you faultfinding suits. Has an autofocus, apparently has very good sound and a large swivel screen, and is 900 grams and with its compact design, probably good in the hand or the or on the Tripod. It contains almost always a tripod is recommended for all discussions on here (especially among those who are filmed from the hand and) these videos show here, the ergonomics, but possibly irrelevant. If there would be no problem with this codec the GH1. : D


Antwort von rush:

I share the opinion of deti ...

for me at the moment there is still no "perfect" hybrid from the worlds of photography and videography.

I find it a pity why not just relax the sets of genes will go away ... Speak in camcorders implement something bigger chips up:)

from the tripod and for scenic matters the video dslr's are certainly all right to use .. but the handling is not yet fully convinced me.


Antwort von Papollo:

I've worked with the 5d mark 2 am synonymous begeister of her wanted to compare them with the GH1 times.
Quote: For people who like to shoot with some advance planning scenic,
There is no way that I, more in the theatrical film will still s.and to live-shots or make reports.
I have a Budge of 2000-3500 Euros for a SLR camera and film camera. With one or the other things Lens, etc.
What would be there to recommend s.Filmkamera if wegrechnet for ne SLR by 900 ¬. So Film Camera of ¬ 1500-2500.
What can you recommend it since?


Antwort von Macaroni:


I stood before the same "problem" which needs to produce a new Camera.

After I test the whole last week, a 7D, I had to say: Never nieeeeeeeeeee, in life I will have to limit myself through a camera like this in the 5/7D is the case. No auto-zoom, no autofocus, focus without using expensive high-resolution display or viewfinder is almost impossible, impossible to shoot out of his hand without Rig and FF ...

For all the love for beautiful images, yet the whole video on YT and Vimeo Still boring productions ...

I have decided to NXCAM to the new series of Sonyzu wait (yes synonymous lasts much longer). A used Letus35 Extreme synonymous, I could see very quickly and conveniently, and so I have again a great camera that I would use for pleasure and humor and if I need to create the film look by Letus can. Scenic yes you can shoot with any cam, eh ;-)




Antwort von meawk:

What does he want with an auto-zoom or a permanet AF, the pump every time "" If You can not use it?? And then the "green stuff Mud" and the "lowlight banding" of the GH1 - nöööö:

At a 7D or 5D II is not easy to come by and the NXCAM series of times I Sonysag absolutely nothing, except to say, who have so little but synonymous "Pipi-sensors", or am I mistaken? Good - for children's birthday party within the meaning of "sharpness of 0 to Timbuktu" and easy for sure draufhalten a good choice.


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