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Frage von mangalamani:

I'm having problems with my Mac OS X version 10.5.6, 6 GB of memory, is installed on the Final Cut Pro. I ask for help, because the device is not connected to the Internet and thus a network diagnosis is not possible.

When I open my Final Cut Pro project, I have sound when playing synonymous - both in the timeline as synonymous in the viewer. My Projektton be played faultlessly by external Lausprecher connected connected via M-Audio Fast Track Pro and.

If my project is not longer than three minutes looking for processed (eg cut, settings, play video) sound to play Take, the sound comes out when I want to continue after the break. The video is played, the volume control is visible. The sound can not be heard.

To hear the sound again, I need to close the program, turn off the computer and restart. Hide Only Final Cut Pro and start again, not helping me.

Can you advise me an expert, what do I do?
MfG mangalamani


Antwort von Axel:

A long time ago that I, the smaller version (without the Fast Track "Pro") was used to connect external powered speakers. The Great and the whole worked quite okay (System Preferences> Sound> Output> Fast Track and> Final Cut Pro> Audio / Video Settings> A / V Equipment> Audo) playback. And then when there were problems s.Einzelheiten, I can not remember, may well be that no sound came about because: Oops!, One of the two settings had reset itself spontaneously to "Standard". If this is so, I would look for the cause in the case of the USB connection. USB is okay for most cases, but I do have since suggested the cause.

The FTPro has a digital audio input. I do not know if there was just a looped signal is synonymous, or whether a D / A converter in there. If so, that would be active speakers, together with a better alternative, then, of course, with the power supply, ie no power over USB. Reports.


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