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MAC PRO - irgendwas stimmt nicht bzgl. Leistung!

MAC PRO - something is not right with regard to performance!

Frage von RocknRoyal:
Mai 2009


I hold myself short, this topic because I really Macuser.de in the forum have posted, but I would like synonymous here and seek an opinion.

For what it's going? - I am of the firm conviction that with my MAC something wrong, because he is a "lame duck" with what is not, synonymous only in the approach, normal work is possible ...

Here is an excerpt from the contribution of Macuser.de forum, where I wrote the following:


as an example:

I own next to the "SonyPMW EX3" synonymous even a Canon 5D Mark II and did tonight in the office made a test - a 18 second Testclip.
I have this (*. mov) in FCP2 loaded and only one "3-way color correction" and performed at the end I had to render - Score: 7min. Reder time! Say 18 seconds movie in 7 minutes to render, but this may not be possible ...

Ich hab dann mal compatriots, I am familiar with the tools in the Mac still not made, but have found something or "system performance" and there stood: Final Cut 3.5 GB Ram which was probably used and then there was a column for CPU and about a "%" characters - there was always something between 150 - 190% ... During this rendering, I wanted an MP3 file onto the audio track and drag it was not possible (it was) - only after the rendering, it was possible.

Then I had a "fade" from s.Anfang clip inserted, with a length of 2Sek - after 1 minutes, I had to render ...

What can that be? My Mac is still almost fresh and new with its 5 months on the hump and it's finally a Mac Pro with more than 10GB RAM.

The fact is
I would like the Mac is not away, because I confidential customer data on the system have - you know whether it Gravis (Mac of my belongings there) Foreign employees are what synonymous "spot" to see them? ...
Because "nor" I have this guarantee and Gravis additional warranty I finished synonymous ...


Antwort von Axel:

"Rock Royale" wrote:
... a Canon 5D Mark II and did tonight in the office made a test - a 18 second Testclip.
I have this (*. mov) in FCP2 loaded and only one "3-way color correction" and performed at the end I had to render - Score: 7min. Reder time! Say 18 seconds movie in 7 minutes to render, but this may not be possible ...
... During this rendering, I wanted an MP3 file onto the audio track and drag it was not possible (it was) - only after the rendering, it was possible.

That sounds even to me, and with popel iMac 4 GB Ram, after a long render time. However, no data are you doing to your sequence and real-time settings. H.264 does not exist by default, with good reason. The material is not intended to be cut, let alone a Color correction must be applied. If you previously ProRes umwandelst, do you have for FK (and even more) with your calculator in real time even a good quality. Also you should mp3 before importing into Aiff convert 48 kHz.

"Rock Royale" wrote:
Then I had a "fade" from s.Anfang clip inserted, with a length of 2Sek - after 1 minutes, I had to render ...

Ditto. If you have a clip of an hour had, it would for a change only in the first second but completely re-rendered. That it now instead of seven minutes, is because that only applied to those two seconds back with the H.264 material is expected. Tip: With "b" the cursor to make razor blade and in front of the "fade" cut the long clip. It then takes the (nearly) as long (1 min), but the remaining 16 seconds are no longer double-click the hard drive is written.

I therefore believe that with the calculator is everything okay. If not, if you bring him Gravis want to copy the client and delete them of the hard drive. Although I do not believe that a grave technician for the private data on your calculator at all interested.

Antwort von kalle70:

As with true security is not something s.MacPro.

However, you're with such a problem with the Mac professionals better. MacUser, Macsofa or synonymous Macwelt the forum are as appropriate.

Personally I prefer the couch.

First Aid you can find here:

Antwort von Axel:

've Tested with my iMac: 17 seconds (the original file from "Reverie", it was time to download) in ProRes timeline with 3-way-FK (saturation down): 3 min render time, the same in-XDCamEX Timeline (which perhaps was not set up to you). Convert to ProRes with Compressor: Less than 17 seconds, then in ProRes timeline full real-time. Conclusion: your calculator is too lame, but the ProRes workflow is better.

Antwort von PowerMac:

That's bullshit. You just have a shitty workflow elected. In Final Cut Pro render is bad. s.weil Final Cut Pro too little is optimized for multiple cores, because b) no one knows what sequence settings you chose. You should see your video before MKII with a better program transcode. Around Compressor via Quick clusters. If you do not have to buck Gravis in Karlsruhe to go, I can time your Mac Pro and thorough you perform the perfomantesten workflows.
I've synonymous with MacUser times responded. They have all there but no idea. Your RAM is sufficient. graphics card, which are recommended: Radeon 4870 and GeForce GTX 285 Mac Edition. Nothing else.

Antwort von MK:

Maybe sit the heatsink on the CPU not correct ... then will it in heruntergetaktet if it gets too hot.

How to s.MAC the temperature, however, I know not.

Antwort von kalle70:

18 seconds Film in 7 minutes to render .......

Is there really a workflow with a MacPro such forces in the knee?

Antwort von RocknRoyal:


as I said - I can "not" imagine it because ... no preference which codec - 18 seconds movie (be it Canon 5D and / or SonyEX3) in at least 7 minutes ... this is surely not acceptable.

BUT @ PowerMac,

I would be huge of course delighted if you could do the times. Do you where Hagenbach lies? (ZIP: 76767)


Antwort von PowerMac:

Yes. Went to school in Wörth.
Just write an email s.mich ...

Antwort von RocknRoyal:

@ PowerMac - I wish the days!


I've now made a test again!

Clip exactly 5 minutes (starting material Canon 5D Mark II) - then using Compressor in ProRes converted (conversion time for 5min video in ProRes approx 50min)

Following in Final Cut Studio 2 is opened - a widescreen mask and placed on 3-way color correction - after I had to re-direct "render" render time: 34 minutes!

Then the hammer ...

Hab s.Clipanfang then about 4 seconds and cut the rest of the clip just after "backwards in the timeline" wanted in connection directly FCP2 I render back - again 34 minutes - following my mouse was broken too, because I s.die wall I idiot - have really lost the text, that can so easily not go on.
Tomorrow morning I take the mill and bring them to the grave "check" so the same question ...
What is a "VERY GOOD" system board, etc. because I then vllt. synonymous, the plates will be exchanged and a RAID system can provide, etc.
because I can not work at the moment, just me today is the first time the monitor is frozen and the system - was nothing more ...


Antwort von TiMovie:

the poor mouse!
what a MacPro hast thou? 4Core/8Core how many memory module (at 10GB), can indeed times a 1min Filmfile to download and we can give curious times, technically a few tests to make!

Antwort von WoWu:

@ Royal Rock
If it really is a H.264 File acted, then the Mac is not the problem, but the operating system, because the Langzeitprädiktion have multiple I-frames (up to 16) constantly kept in memory. In MPEG2, or of course the non-synonymous GoP-based codecs, it is only 1 I-frame in the memory is processed and then overwritten. In H.264, the different I-frames in the RAM areas and kept writing.
This architecture, which is then synonymous better utilize the various Cors, but the operating system and user software (Final Cut Pro) are supported.
Your Mac is probably not the culprit, unless he has another quirk, but as Alex says, it takes forever synonymous.

@ Alex
... H.264 is not to blame, but Apple, because they have the ass and not get to have set new demands.
PC's can use the long or Appel synonymous with DSP support. Only the MAC can not do it while he was not on the feet helps. :-))

Antwort von domain:

No matter what you always synonymous you write WoWu, it always sounds very promising legitimately bez. H.264 but not regarding the many dialects AVCHD, which is almost nearly all programmers really mad.
For me personally, there is a Deadline: H.264 Intra ten eighties with real 50 fps with corresponding software and hardware support on specific processors, accelerators, etc. with min. 4 tracks on each other in realtime, which is probably a complete computer hardware and software and including renewal Camera would mean.
But that will probably not come as quickly, so I Schiele still a little on XDCAM EX cameras with small and large sensor, the most forthcoming in response to the JVC GY-HM100 will appear.

Antwort von WoWu:

Deti, I can with the name of "dialects" in this context does not start, because there is a standard and the two profiles and the levels required for AVCHD devices are used, are a part of this standard.
There are only good and bad implementations and MPEG compared to other codecs synonymous get the "freedoms" it was for the implementation, at a minimum. These "freedoms" have once too often led to saumäßigen implementations. This will now finally come to an end.
There is, compared to other codecs, even the reference implementation.
Who is now on the "dialects" retires, can only think that he is aware of the implementation does not really succeed. That is not s.Bitstream or s.Codec ... this is s.Programmierer.
Moreover MPEG synonymous for members ample help available .... but not for programming Buden s.Ecke ...
And what AVC-I, .... since we make 1 1 / 2 years and we have decided in time for hardware ...
I give you right to the software and "home" computers is still not the best cream ... AVC-I, although in the performance by a factor of 7 of the GoP version differs in AVCHD devices used.
Only those who once Class100 (; and throughout 10bit) has worked for is XDCAM-EX (; 8bit/35Mbit/s/GoP) almost certainly not the alternative.
We now have our full 500s actually exchanged and wait for the moment a few synonymous Lenses better, because that is the only snag in the thing.

Antwort von RocknRoyal:


have today in my calculator Gravis delivered there and the technician (even in the area of video editing etc working) said quite clearly "This should not be - at least not when rendered in ProRes was etc"

Let's go there through everything: CPU, RAM, hard drives etc

.. "Codecs or not" .. I can simply "expect" in that I made a calculator over 6000 ¬ for half a year ago bought, that the current requirements and a clean and fluid work is guaranteed - because once again the example:

1. Clip (Film Length 5min - the raw material of the Canon 5D Mark II)
2. Clip in Compressor using ProRes render (time about 45min.)
3. Open Clip in Final Cut Pro (receipt requested, he immediately rendering - 34min.)
4. 3-way Farbkorregtur apply (Final Cut Pro requires immediately full rendering, other times 34min.)
5. Magic Bullet Looks and Effects (Final Cut Pro rendering requires 34min.)
6. Clip Cut / Moving Parts (Final Cut Pro rendering requires full 34min.)
7. etc

Also a clip of 5min length, optimized for ProRes would thus require approximately 3-4 hours, until he is ready - this is a big joke - because nothing interested me because of codecs etc - ¬ 6,000 must be able to be a 5min clip process, normal almost in real time effects processing - I can "real" garnicht use in Final Cut Pro - if I live in the real timeline RESTRICT, then nothing more ...

No matter
you will see what happens - I was now in grave nor any one thing recommended "a" hardwarebasierende RAID solution - I was told that this is extremely performance boost would bring what the access times of the plates etc is concerned - I know because not so good ...


Antwort von Chezus:

Do you have before you brought him Gravis searched, the usual times (I call them times) "Troubleshooting measures" implemented?
P-Ram reset, rights etc, and check the full program is up to the new setup?

Synonymous s.Anfang I had a similar problem.
Long render times and crashes.
Was the Apple dealer and have the MacPro to the rear of the front on the hardware error check. NOTHING ..

Even with the comment: "ned Sowas may be ..."

Then new system set up, left everything away what I've not needed (; garage tape, etc.) and since then he runs and runs and runs ...

Can also synonymous software is easy s.der

Antwort von RocknRoyal:


I noticed something - I have my days "Mac Book Pro" bought the new 17 inch .... simply to assist in the photograph directly to the laptop to be able to shoot, etc.

Now I have on the laptop and Photoshop FCP2 installed yesterday evening and experience has shown me with my Mac Pro (desktop) has since the beginning of something not voted, because ...

When I then get the MacPro had, I installed FCP2 and me after the installation on Macuser.de ausgeheult how it can do an installation (FCP2) on such a race over 6 hours can continue, because I was sitting up in the evening of drangesessen the morning hour. (Conclusion: 6 hours of installation time FCP2)

the whole game yesterday, then again on the laptop and I was already a burned child and thought "Oh God, this is your life" and what can I say? After 2 hours everything was completed ... So if that's not "clearly" is a difference ....


Antwort von Chezus:

did you read my post?

Do you have except to destroy your equipment (see mouse) synonymous something done what one normally does if something does not work?

If the Mac is so new, why do you use it not just completely new?

All confidential client data is stored anyway not on the system disk.
For me, the system is just the system, nothing more.
No install and test again.

A hardware fault is in the rarest case

Antwort von TiMovie:

hast du schon mal was of System Test Programs, which test the processor, hard drive, RAM, graphics card ...
Test it eg with times

- Cinebench - for processor and graphics card
- AJA Kona - for hard drive #

the test results then you are comparing with the nominal values - google benchmark

if the measurement of other highly divergent synonymous thou hast a Beweiss that your system is broken!

Antwort von RocknRoyal:


surely I had the system first "new" set up, without success!

As an example, I tried using MacBookPro yesterday said the "5min" Video synonymous converted via ProRes and see there - instead of 50min, there were suddenly only 12min! So definitely agrees with the desktop Mac is not something ...

Alex - but many thanks for the help ...

Antwort von sarah:

"Axel" wrote:

Also you should mp3 before importing into Aiff convert 48 kHz.

Hmm, I do not really understand what it is.

Could you explain a bit more precisely, what makes sense?
I could imagine no more than that the program in the handling is better served.

Otherwise, it is quite futile to mp3 convert to 48kHz. What is not there, can transform the synonymous not come.


Antwort von TiMovie:

@ sarah
After the import of mp3 files in Final Cut Pro, the audio file aiff rendered in anyway, if we take 5-10 mp3 audio tracks with each other and something has changed, you have to render every time!

Conclusion - better always predict everything in aiff convertieren!

Antwort von sarah:

Ah ok.
That makes sense.

Thank you very much.

Antwort von Webbsta:

Do you now Final Cut Pro 2 or Final Cut Studio 2? I hTte the problem just as times 8Core on a MacPro with Final Cut on 16GB per 4th Even eternal render times. Also there is no improvement. After switching to Final Cut Studio 2 no problems anymore. Later it turned out that all versions prior to Final Cut Pro 4 is not fully compatible with OS X Leopard is.

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