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ZAUBEREI in After Effects

MAGIC in After Effects

Frage von JANP:
Dezember 2005

I would like to know, as I did in After Effects 5.5 one Zaubestab
Light Effects produces. By that I mean effects like Harry Potter.
I would not synonymous plugins BUY.
ps, it should not look cheap, which it is later shown in the movies.

gruß Janpere

Antwort von ae-ler:

hello jan,

So there is something bites ...

effects like harry potter are very complicated and EXPENSIVE to high-end production systems.

2. if your film will be shown in cinema, are likely to 300 euro for a couple of plug-in effects alone on the drink-mortgage reinzuholen be ;-)

high-end cinema and yet all in vain, and too much "is GEIZ IS--THINK-GEIL - I have no understanding for



Antwort von Chris2:

How about with "hot" particles, which you can fly around a lot with any motion blur to your wand?

high-end cinema and yet all in vain, and too much "is GEIZ IS--THINK-GEIL - I have no understanding for

And I have no understanding for it, if you standart the middle of his vehicle exhausts but no software to every detail for an expensive plugin here, this is synonymous nich much more than a combination of the usual techniques.

Antwort von Jörg:

"Chris2" wrote:

And I have no understanding for it, if you standart the middle of his vehicle exhausts but no software to every detail for an expensive plugin here, this is synonymous nich much more than a combination of the usual techniques.

hi chris,
You are not alone! Plugins are ne good thing, if not more onboard continues, but the constant cry for plugins already annoying sometimes.
Obs so then "Harry of the Rings" ausschaut ...?
Gruß Jörg

Antwort von ae-ler:

hello miteinader,

So I see this with the plugins as follows:

if someone has no coal, because like in training, or simply trial and error time, then no plugin will be recommended to purchase - should totally d `accord, sometimes (quite apart from whether the wand-effect with onboard resources now looks professional or not)


if someone brings his film to the cinema and it still costs nothing and ask for nothing and never complains look cheap, then stop with my understanding. who begins to pocket with its coal projects, which should that pass synonymous: s.kameramänner, cutter, obvious, daily organizer and are needed of me from synonymous plugin-vendor when they need /. self-exploitation may be out of me from each of the stands, but others hear the fun then ...



Antwort von Chris2:

if someone brings his film to the cinema and it still costs nothing and ask for nothing and never complains cheap look

So please. The term "Movies" is very, very stretchy. That indeed this does not mean that there lies a serious budget, or what I know behind. Perhaps it even will be a premiere team in the local cinema, whose owner knows you by accident. Or you want to submit the film in Short Film Festival. Or is it simply an HDV movies that wants to be shown with a beamer in your own home theater. But tell me of anything.

Antwort von ae-ler:

we must be careful that we not durcheinanderschmeissen things.

s.der top post that bothered me the attitude, which is currently very widespread: want to have everything and nothing to spend it. ton because the makes each volume (bad) music ...

as I said, I have nothing against low-budget productions, if they are synonymous lowbudget really. any more than against studi productions Cinema effusions, holidays, etc. All low-budget videos and politically correct and not correct problem.

but think that at times synonymous with means lowbudget productions coal. am therefore skeptical that 5 days gefrickel effect hinzubekommen a eingermaßen that might fit him with a plug and only takes 3 hours, in real terms actually costs less.

that it dominates its software before you buy himself a effect, I simply presupposes times. everything else is "too cheap".



Antwort von rob:

Hello Janpere,

with the particle system in After Effects, you pretty much synonymous escape without a plugin. (No offense s.ae-ler, synonymous understands your position.)

The trick lies in a combination of particle systems and fractals disturbances hineinzubekommen variance in the sizzle of your magic wand.

It should work like this:

- Choose Effects / simulation / particle system the particle system.

- Put the gravity of the particles to a low value, so that they umhertanzen beautiful.

- Take synonymous like a glow-effect added, which you adapt for your purposes.

- Bewegunsunschärfe is also a good tip that has already been genannnt.

- You can now get different color spectrums in your particles to choose Effects / disorder and grain / fractals Disorders

As a transfer mode for the fractal disorder You can bsp. Take a month.

If you for your particle system has taken an orange-value, it is now sent in different shades by the fractal disorder. This produces a shower of sparks of the light orange to dark orange to last.

If you would like to have more complexity, then duplicate the layer with the simple particle system and move it to one or two pixels.

Alternatively, you can duplicate everything again, and fitted with a Gaussian blur as the background.

Hope this helps Dir

Lieben Gruß


Antwort von Stefan:

@ Janpere

Attempts to yourself first describe the effect with words.

Harry waving his chopsticks mutters, "Lumos" and of the tip of the rod is a glow from the lights and illuminate the darkness. And then suddenly see all that s.hat Hägrid no trousers.

This of course goes much more .... Then try to divide the description into several problems.

I need to have a darkness. I have a flare tip mounted on a stick ". The rod can move and the tip must join us. The Lighting of the head to head directly s.der be strong for darkness to fall and ...

Then try to every problem matching methods of work in AE found.

What is darkness - absence of light? And of Color? Are there any filters / effects that act on the brightness / color? Yes. Can I limit the filter / effects in their effect? Yes. I need a light source, and I need a light radius. What do like Hard Light blend modes, soft light? Aha. How can I limit my filters / effects in its spatial effect? Clear. How do Mattes and masks? Even. How can I customize everything s.eine movement? Shit. What's moving and what is actually static? What are keyframes? Aha. What actually happens when for example, by concealing the tip of rod dragons? How schachtel Masks and Mattes? Hmm. How do I work with precompositions and levels? Phew!

Then try it as "real" to make.

What happens at impact of light on objects and on walls? How and where shadows occur?

Here you will reinlaufen into the real problems with AE. You would need a 3D plan of your set and / or ray tracing. So it would make professionals in post production. Or you have to invest a lot of manual work. Then think very carefully about what you can do with proper shooting can (Lighting) and what will be done only by VFX in post production ...

Good luck
The fat Stefan

PS: Was already one of you in the new HP? Is it worth it? Filmtechnisch seen, of course, not that I have one s.so kiddie interest cough ;-)

Antwort von rob:


Potter my knowledge is limited, unfortunately, a few excerpts ... yet had time to concern myself with the "phenomenon" in more detail.

If the rod will not only produce a shower of sparks, but synonymous a glow that radiates to the objects located in space, you will be at or very complex 3D compositing of Stefan described as barely get around.

For such shots require a very careful preparation is already in the rotation. It should wennmöglich already s.Stab with a light-end have been working as a guide.

Stefan has already given you for trying out the right keywords: 3D, Mattes, and always masks, masks, masks ...

Lieben Gruss


Antwort von Stefan:

I could have better considered synonymous until the cuttings or stills ...

Picture #1

Boah. Sieht das cheap aus ;-)

zum Bild

Well. Lousy screenshot.

# 3
zum Bild

Better. For Janpere quite well: the effect is relatively limited and does not seem to radiate as much of the surrounding area that you must go the costly route.

Picture #4

Das bekommt man with AE-Effekten plus Farbkontrolle noch hin.

Picture #4 ist aus dem neuen HP4. Ich glaube, dass der Effect jetzt anders gemacht wird. Hier sind Lensflares zu sehen, während es vorher eine Art Sparkling/Stareffekt plus leichte Unschärfe war.

Viel Glück
Der dicke Stefan

Quelle: Bildersuche über Google harry potter Lumos

Antwort von MiXMaster:

Purchase Combustion, which have instant class particles.

With the 2 version you get sometimes fürn Hunni at eBay.

The calculator, however, requires proper punch. And a little practice must be synonymous.



Antwort von Blackeagle123:

such a lens flare should not be the problem. That you can get out if necessary in AP synonymous with HollywoodFX!
And the color correction I would also do in AP ...
I think the premiere of Pugin's most extensive s.The for AE (at least the ones I have!)

Otherwise, I can recommend synonymous Combustion!

Love Greetings

PS: The Effects really looks somehow cheap, if not now know that the glow was already in there, I would have said that with Photodraw (Microsoft) reingemacht is! And if I'm not saying Photodraw and Photoshop, wants that mean something;)

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