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Frage von radiohead3:


have been working with the long magix 2005 and it is very orderly.
VEGAS 8 PER is better synonymous Adobe Premiere Pro is better! They are me but unfortunately too expensive!

what's that HDV can and max. only ¬ 130 it cost? Because the cheap Vegas is not so good. My Projects sin usually no longer than 1-2 hours. Or should I still buy the 2008 Magix? A good equal cheap, expensive alternative?


Antwort von mac-mac:

On the PC, I have Magix synonymous with cut and was very satisfied.

The advantage of the current version Magix Video wär that you already bypass / cut it.

Otherwise, synonymous Adobe Premiere Elements which is for you. In the current version so you can easily cut HDV.
The advantage here - if you ever want more, you can with the great work PREMIERE.


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