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Frage von hecker*rose:


For days I google and can not find a suitable answer. So I hope I get closer to a solution here.

I have the following problem: My Canon camcorder was a few weeks break. I had strips was no longer in the Picture and Sound. Because the camera is only 9 months old, I've posted it and get back in a week (; Vidoekopf and head were cleaned, exchanged something.
I inserted directly a recorded tape, and what was, still the same problem. The picture was after a while the sound does not. He is totally dismembered and the 12bit display flashes all the time.
Another, more recent cassette but then suddenly. But all the cartridges went before the camera was broken and has been posted.
The seller said it could be that the tape was magnetized. The box was once on the stereo, but 1 then should not all the tapes be destroyed, 2 the tape was, as I said, before even a short time.

I hope so, that there is any solution. The cassettes are so important to me!

Thank you and LG

Hannah *


Antwort von vaio:

Quote: "... The box was once on the stereo, but 1 would then not all the tapes be destroyed ..."
No, it does not take all the tapes ... Fortunately! (Which really means "stereo" ... receivers, amplifiers and speakers?) Quote: "... But all the cartridges went before the camera was broken and was sent ..."
Are all the tapes recorded synonymous with the Canon?
Quote: '... The picture was after a while, the sound does not. He is totally dismembered and the 12bit display flashes all the time ... "
1st As the tapes are included ... 4-channel with 12-bit or 2-channel with 16-bit? I suspect that the "12-bit recording" are generally not as compatible, as were those who recorded with 16-bit. But since I'm not sure ...
See synonymous:
2nd How many tapes do the problems? If one, two, then I would play once the tape / tapes in the other action. From the known or so ... (Once you have clarified Item 1)
Quote: "... The tapes are so important to me!"
Take s.du know now how to get the tapes not stored. Optimal is dry, in original box, perpendicular with the bottom reel. At least once, better rewind twice a year ...

Good luck.



Antwort von hecker*rose:

Well, good question. How do I find out that?
Got it from a friend already tried to spin as synonymous, the cassettes.
But as I said, they went back a few weeks ago, and since they had already been synonymous on the stereo (CD drive).
I keep them all in original envelope in a plastic box.
The photographs of the offending tapes were made with a different Canon, but I had played it synonymous with the current Canon already.
Is it possible to demagnetize tape again because somehow?

Thank you for your answer!

LG * Hannah


Antwort von vaio:

Hecker @ * rose
Since a CD drive does not contain strong transformers / coils, has provided further that the laser relatively well shielded, it should not be forced s.dem device. However that is synonymous ...
Can you still get another Canon, which had made the recordings?
Quote: "How do I find out that?"
How are the other, with the "old Canon" pre-recorded tapes recorded ... 12-bit or 16 bit? This should be displayed. You will not ever have used different imaging parameters. The setting should be recognized when playing synonymous auto and manual can not be changed.
Quote: "Is it possible to demagnetize tapes because somehow again?"
Better not.
As the tapes from a "few weeks" still worked fine, but you can try in principle, only with other camcorder models (the same model?), You remain in this important recordings actually a pro. Will then cost. I mean not only time (as before), but Euros ...


PS: What is actually the transfer on a computer (via firewire)?


Antwort von tommyb:

Suppose the head With the written your camcorder, the data on the tape, has his own business and moved easily. So that the tape was just not as "described" as it takes the standard, but just different, displaziert easy.

Your camcorder had that moved his head and was synonymous play everything he has recorded (the same head is used synonymous to play). Over time, this head always pushed next, newly recorded cases were possibly still playing sensibly, not just old things.

Such symptoms and I know they have, in spite of digital recording (in DV, the video - and audio data to be written really well together) played similar to your description.

There are actually two ways out:

1) one concern a camcorder, whose head is displaziert exactly as it was then the head of the recording s.Tage

2) we tried with a professional deck play the tracking support (this can correct such errors to a certain degree). Such an example would be the MAZ SONY DSR 1800 and can be rented certainly somewhere (was synonymous Firewire).

What did you just said because of the Specific magnetization, is just a guess based on ignorance.


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