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Frage von chrix:

I have the following problem:
I can create with any program MPEG / MPEG2 files, except with my Pinnacle VCR program.
With my TV card I can aufnehemen in MPEG 1 or MPEG easily 2nd
However, if I want to edit the captured files (I use ArcSoft Show Biz), I can not save them in MPEG format.
It simply does not create file.

If the s.fehlenden codecs? Does anybody have a solution?
Wär echt super, because I want to use my PC for DV editing, but without going there ;-) MPEG halt nix

I am using XP Home SP1 @ Athlon 3200 +, GeForce 6600GT, 512MB Ram
When I have a TV card Pinnacle PCTV Stereo.


Antwort von Nightfly!:

Hello chrix!

Could it be that you can create with ArcSoft Show Biz no MPEG2 VOB files, but just for the DVD?

Greeting Nightfly


Antwort von Chrix:

Nope, it should go.
Worked before, but have unfortunately been forced to put new windows and klappts since then no more.


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