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Frage von Uwe B:


I have an MPEG4 - video that with the video function of a PDA was recorded. Can not change, unfortunately, a Neuafnahme with reasonable device is no longer possible. Since these things have portrait mode, you have now to look at the videos shot in landscape format to turn the head to the left ;-)

Is there a software to flip turn MPEG4 videos?

Thank you very much!



Antwort von matthew:

which can then really every little proggy ... can not synonymous tmpeg?


Antwort von Uwe B:

The problem has been the opening of the video.
I can not see, but only with Quicktime.
Then I installed yet the Real Magic MPEG4 codec. So I can probably create other MPEG4 formats, but do not open the video in question anyway. Habs tried with tmpeg, virtual dub (1.5.10), MS Movie Maker and Power Director.


Antwort von Stefan:

Convert MOV to MPEG4 with QT Pro (U.S. $ 30) # 98,502

In either MOV QT Pro does not turn (do not if this goes), or MOV to AVI convert (export as an AVI in QT Pro) and then rotate in VirtualDub or Avisynth.

Good luck
The fat Stefan


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