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MPEG Streamclip for Windows is now synonymous of rudi - 2 Mar 2006 11:50:00
We had recently reported about MPEG Streamclip for Apple, and even synonymous found a Windows version on the page. This tool is particularly suitable for conversion of HDV m2t streams in a different format. The trick here is that this same relatively good, an adaptive deinterlacer can be switched between them, also can be synonymous, the chroma components are reinterlaced. Who is making a real movie with HDV can be so material before cutting into a better intermediate format deinterlace and convert the same time professional. Even the high quality of downscale HDV to DV, the program will provide good services. The only catch: You need the MPEG2 component for Quicktime (approx. 20 euros) or you can install Quicktime Alternative. A detailed installation instructions for this free program can be found on the website.


Antwort von The-Chronic:

Really? 20 euro? Well, that is shameless ;-)


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