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Frage von bento124:

Hi folks,
I am a real beginner and of, therefore, that in this forum, I really am repealed. Now I only hope that anyone of you to jump helps.
I have recently found more often that I have some MPEG videos to my iPod can copier, they seem to be incompatible. Now I have a lot to B-frames and MArcroblöcken read, but s.Ende Wiss I am still not exactly where it is stuck - and especially if there is a Koder, with the files I can edit iTunes Compliant.
Already many thanks for your help.
Liebe Grüße


Antwort von PowerMac:

Your videos do not correspond to what the iPod can play. That must remain within certain bitrates and of a certain resolutions.
Umkonvertieren with any program. After "iPod Video Converter" in Google search. For example, "MPEG Streamclip" das


Antwort von noch n´ Gast:

or even easier, just on the Apple page on the technical data of the respective iPods are looking for. Here I am at least for iPod Touch and iPhone found anything, because I somewhat synonymous problems with videos for the iPhone's had, the other should be listed thus synonymous.


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