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Frage von RS-Jensi:

Hello, who can help me? I have some music videos I had about the DVD player on the television would like to view. I have referred to me a long time researching Xoro 8410 brought the so everything to play ... Unfortunately, with the synonymous music formats including VOB and MOV, which he did not play. This, I would like now to MPEG-4 with the Video Converter Super convert. Who can give me the best settings to the Video Scale Size, Aspect, Frame / Sec, kbps bitrate etc say ...?!? Or recommend a different format ...? Thank you very much!


Antwort von grovel:

VOB plays your player in any case, because that is the standard DVD format.


Antwort von RS-Jensi:

many thanks for the quick reply. VOB yes, he would play, this would have the music files but in an under VIDEO_TS folder with corresponding adjacent iso files. yes I would like all the music files is quite normal for datendvd be burned as normal and then read ... therefore, the demand for MPEG format and its settings ...?!?


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