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I have an ipod and need to convert MPEG to MPEG4 files. How do I do that and where can I get a program for it.


Antwort von steveb: "super"


Antwort von Gast 0815:

As for codec would probably sowas DivX / Xvid or H.264 into consideration. A better ratio quality / Space offers the cigarette machine in general are popular (yet) the other two, because they synonymous (with appropriate encoder settings) on many DVD players are directly playable. In addition to the handwritten transformation via eg Vdubmod ( there are a number of Einklicklösungen, as the above-mentioned super or synonymous AutoGK ( or PocketDivXEncoder (

When it comes to the best space utilization and is Transcoding a reasonably modern PC is available, however, the 264er certainly the better choice. Open source, so free software is the X264 of Videolan, the related Gui for Tranformierung is MeGUI, or alternatively (yet StaxRip everything under
If someone wants to go this route, I recommend pre Selurs "About x264 read" to (

Greetings from Marburg


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