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Frage von Maszie:

Hi Folks,
Here nen Mac did not want to run on the patu MPEG2!
I have installed MPlayer and MS Media Player, but nothing is nut ... where can I find the codec for playback?? Did not want me to buy the 29.99 ¬ codec to ...

Greeting Maszie


Antwort von Axel:

Mpeg2 runs on Mac with:
1. The OSX software DVD player
(Then of course, only the disk or in the Video_TS - folder)
2. The free, downloadable VLC (VideoLanClient: Google)
(it plays almost everything, even wmv's)
3. Recently, with the Quicktime player. But this only works if you installed a program that dealt with HD, even with the MPEG compressed, as there would have Final Cut Pro 4.5 + FCP5, and if you iMovie:
iMovie HD (iLife is part of 05). Have you installed one of these Programs, go to "Software Update", then choose "Quicktime mpeg2 playback.

For simplicity, I recommend the VLC.


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