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Frage von videofreund23:


my digital photo frame can play mpeg1 and mpeg4 videos.
now I wanted to convert 16:9 ProRes in Mpeg.

Compressor on the skin even synonymous, but only one has the Screen Resolutionvon 800:600 and so right I will come with not even the letterbox. Is everything completely distorted.


Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Oh God, I know this picture frame. Let me guess - who allegedly following format:

MPEG1 (synonymous MPGE like, or as written)

In any case, MPEG1 quality is seen a rather thankless format. I would rather tend to MPEG2 ... and I would create a transport stream.

You turn into a human data rate MPEG2 in Compressor at (s.besten to the 7.5 Mbit / s - I am usually synonymous 1-pass CBR, but I trust to you, decide to). Format should be PAL, and the aspect ratio - well, 4:3. Under the "geometry" You can picture the video "customize output image (padding)" via on 16 / 9 install, so the picture is squeezed to 16 / 9.

I was allowed to play on a museum synonymous times such frames. I then just right in documenting the scenes written in 4 / 3 and cut the clips in 4 / 3 output. The 800x600-Resolutionbezieht the way, only the built-in LCD. That has changed with the videos nothing to do.

If you actually find out a setting in which the device can play anything in the direction of MPEG4, I would like to know what that is. My brother-to-be has the in-laws happy with a media player that has guaranteed the same implementation. Again, I do not have a run made to MPEG4 (and I've tried really a lot !)...


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