Infoseite // MPEG4 stream without a PC s.TV show.

Frage von ArminZ:


on my LAN is a cam of an MPEG4 stream. I would like this possible without a PC device s.TV show.
There is such a decoder?
There are TV device with integrated MPEG4 decoder?

Best thanks in advance for your tips.


Antwort von Eva Maier:

Look in the description whether your TV set on Mgeg of Pal-4 can switch.

/ E


Antwort von ArminZ:

thanks for the tip - unfortunately not.

but I found anything, it runs in the direction of IP-TV.
There's of MacPower seems to be the correct one: D8-DMA.
MPEG1, 2,4 streams in via USB and Ethernet and OUT NTSC / PAL, video, etc with all kinds steckersytemen.
get next week to test a system - am curious ...


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