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Frage von Danielk:


I thought I use the VirtualDub

But this is now good English and I am going rat ....

My basic problem is:

I take exception with the Voodoo3 with 3500TV to help videos on a VHS machine and save them onto the hard drive.

The graphics card can only save as avi or MPG2 specification and only half the resolution of the TV so vcd.

Now I want to save the videos as MPG2 and burn a video DVD ...

or is it better than all the avi and save as VCD with TMPGEnc to encode and burn =?

gruß, and thanks in advance for help!


Antwort von Stefan:

This is no preference ...

You start with one quarter of the card because the DVD standard image size and must not expect miracles in image quality.

I would Authoren times a DVD directly with one of the MPEG files which comes of the map. The DVD standard allows MPEG1 and MPEG2, and the image sizes 720x576, 704x576, 352x576, 352x288

If you could muster official or unoffizielleTreiber, with which a recording in 720x576 is possible, they would look different. The search starts here and in the forums

Then would be offering the way through AVI. The few English in VirtualDub is easily explained. There is even a German subforum on

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von Markus:

"DanielK" wrote: I take exception with the Voodoo3 with 3500TV to help videos on a VHS machine and save them onto the hard drive.
Hi Daniel,

to capture analog video recordings to be more comfortable, there are tools with better quality and fewer problems. ;-)

Learn More:
FireWire FAQ">Camcorder / recorder s.PC connect, capture and edit images


Antwort von DanielK:


Thanks s.Stefan and Markus,

I do that now as follows:
With Nehru on the map and save it off as MPG2.
With Nero 7 you can find a re-encode a DVD suitable material.
And burn the same.

So I am saving my way through VirtualDub ...* * ufff

The typifies quality, I find the super VHS cassettes are yes to the part 10 years old :-)

gruß Daniel


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