Infoseite // Mac and PC ext. Compatible hard disks?

Frage von rapilino:

Hello dear ones,

've got a question for experts what Mac and PC concerns:
Have now with two different ext. Disks, the problem is that they are not open on a Mac system could (not have been detected).

Now you have always told me Mac can open everything.
These two drive I've formatted the Disk Management (Win).
Another record I've never even had formatted, open problems.

Can there be s.meiner formatting and what I need to format to consider, if the plate is to be synonymous Mac-compatible?

(Incidentally, the two plates are formatted to NTFS to store files larger synonymous)

Thank you very much


Antwort von tommyb:

NTFS is not compatible with Macs (unless you use any additional Programs, which can read NTFS - synonymous s.Mac).

Conversely, a Windows Calculator does not read HFS + formatted disk.

The only thing that remains is FAT32 (or add-ons).


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Tommyb" wrote: ... NTFS is not compatible with Macs (unless you use any additional Programs that can read NTFS ...
Should read the Mac an NTFS drive very normal way, then he can not only write software without tricks or special.


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