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Frage von flashmasterp:

Hi have a question about my system utilization. own a Mac Pro 2X2 1.1, 66 with 4 hard disks to 3TB RAID 5 GB hard drive memory and the standard graphics card. Since the latest I've got final cut studio and work with the Canon 550D to shoot in HD. I convert the data into the MOV Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) for'm still satisfied with my Performers what can I do about it has very long render times.
graphics card or more ram?


Antwort von Axel:

This can not be answered generally. Final Cut Pro itself can indeed schonmal not use more than 4GB of Ram. You certainly synonymous heard that the Ram will be distributed evenly. 5 there is a strange, asymmetrical number raids there is synonymous with a focus on data protection (but less secure as a daily or weekly Time Machine backup) or focus of increased throughput, here again with different effects on writing and reading speed. The ProResHQ as well as he is synonymous has, in a pre-FullHD such high data rate, that he on several tracks of slow PiP performance, bucking the Picture can.
The most important question would be Anfangstip, ProRes to use the normal, if you later want to work a lot and Color in Motion and ProResLT if you just need a little postproduction.

Final Cut Pro works s.besten
(Without rendering) " Maximization under the real-time settings
" Exports by running as background processes, etc. can and next works

To get an idea of what you mean with unacceptable render times, you should take an example.


Antwort von handiro:

hmmm I can not complain at a similar, older macpro.
up to 8 video streams simultaneously in ProRes if I P2 material.
But converted AVCHD material absorbs incredibly cpu power!


Antwort von flashmasterp:

Magic Bullet Looks using quick red giant and the rendering takes five minutes may be the only color but are interventions?

yes the ram with the I'll probably do.


Antwort von Piers:

"Flashmasterp" wrote: Magic Bullet Looks using quick red giant and the rendering takes five minutes may be the only color but are interventions?

yes the ram with the I'll probably do.

Hmm, so ne time brings no time specified.

How long is the clip?
5min 60min clip render on NP = very fast
NEM for 5 min at 1 s clip = very slow


Antwort von Axel:

Color interference does not mean much. magic bullet looks after all the whole picture must be re-calculated the typical case, each pixel, usually multi-stage, there may be synonymous one minutes ever take five minutes, maybe longer synonymous. Does it matter?

In addition: You Color with a software Stu Maschwitz, co-inventor of the MBL, "the powerful beast" called. There is a "room" where you can create these looks much better. And when you're done there, click on Render and do with something else next, rather than the progress bar to stare ...

There are faster Programs. For the smoothness of the cut itself, you can already provide, render the competition to compete would be frustrating. If one is because commonly with a 550D in such a hurry?

EDIT: Do you know that one of Canon Import Plugin Here here

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