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Frage von wehell:

hello together,

maybe someone can help me: I already did all the help files and the Pinnacle knowledge base durchstöbert but just do not come next.
The plugin "Magic Bullet" can be with me while installing properly (at least I get no error message) - only in the "video effects" at Studio 12 Ultimate, there will not be displayed.

Elsewhere (Pinnacle knowledge base), I could read that as a mistake s.der graphics card may be / should. Moreover, the system requirements for the Magic Bullet to read that at least one card eg ATI s.X700 needed. My graphics card is an ATI RADEON X800 PRO and is therefore in my opinion should be supported. Otherwise, I have XP Professional SP 2, AMD Sempron (tm) 2800 +, 2,00 GHz, 1.00 Ram GM.

For each notice troubleshooting grateful

from Lake


Antwort von Karlo:


I had the same problem synonymous with PP 1.5. But is long ago, therefore I am not sure whether the trick I still remember correctly.

On the engl. Formusseite of Adobe, I found the note. One must at the start of the program either CTRL button and / or Shift key. When PP is then synonymous actually works.




Antwort von wehell:

Hi Karlo,
thanks for the hint.
But I do not know PP 1.5, I would be interested to know whether there like Magic Bullet in Studio12 also as a plugin or program exists.
You write that "When you launch the program .........." - Only I can not even start, because it as written in "Adding Video Effects" is not aufscheint.

gruß from Lake


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