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Frage von mcgeiwa:

Hi dear brethren!

The round birthday a family member is s.and again is to create a presentation to the house :-) (; Stillimage + video)
As I have constantly been angry about Nero Vision lately, I would like to buy me something new. Am not a professional, do that just for fun s.der joy. It would be nice if I get some time with the software could (;), for example, "Full-HD support."

I "flirting" with ie "Movie Edit Pro" Of Magix .... you can hear many bad things, we hear many good things ..... seis drum ... who has the choice is spoiled and I think in the price range of 50 - 80 ¬ unlikely to be found something "better". (;?) I am a student and the coal sits nich so relaxed ... .

In the technology market around the corner there, "video deluxe 16 premium" for 85 ¬ grad .... I have to ask themselves: The Buy or ranges synonymous Maybe the 15er deluxe version that costs are currently between 50 and 60 ¬ ?

There are large differences between the 15er and the 16er version?
Is it worth the version jump? Or (the differences, besides the probable time of greater number of effects) only marginally?

In general, I find it very difficult to navigate with products ...." Magix Movie Edit Pro, Video deluxe 2008 pick out "and so difficult ... the difference in the offers.

Thank you very much!


Antwort von glider_pilot:

so I can advise you in any case, the 16er version. I believe that this version of Magix has been optimized and therefore somewhat better than the 15s version is running. I had this impression, at least in testing.
However, I am not a professional synonymous in this matter, so perhaps you should not wait for the answer one erfahreneran user.
I hope you could still help!


Antwort von pilskopf:

Version 16, but has additionally ne secondary color correction, and the Mercalli image stabilization.

Take the 16th The latest version is worth all the time.

Look, I'm with the version 15 then handicrafts. What should be s.Magix bad time to explain to me someone. or here

If you know the buttons that can do a lot.


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