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Frage von Muggs:

Hi folks,

Rieß problem:

I've cut three tracks (no effects or overlapping) and wants to export .. solo is as marked for the individual tracks is not subject .. but once I export two together will always depend p.22-37% .. have investigated the place .. s.verschiedenen items exported .. always the same result .. for other projects, everything lubricated like .. even the avi files have the same properties as my other projects ..



Antwort von joerg-emil:

Hi Mugg,

try the following: Mark all objects and copy them into a new film. Save this under a different name s.and try it again. If the internal memory structure of the project file is corrupt, this can sometimes help.

Or: Are there areas in your film without Picture and Sound? Normally Magix asks whether it should ignore these areas. If such a request comes, please ignore confirm with yes!

Gruss Jörg-Emil


Antwort von joerg-emil:

now I have what you have in the export settings, perhaps "only export selected area" ticked? times ... then remove the cross, then regardless of the marking of the entire movie is exported ....


Antwort von D.D.:

The problem I had at times objects to which the Green Screen Effect was applied. The utilization of the paging file when exporting s.diesen bodies and then grow at 1.4 GB or so has always Magix hanged.

On the solution of the problem then I came by chance when I durchwachten after many nights of desperation video objects had just hacked (s.der Timeline drive along and repeatedly press T). The utilization of the swap file was still on, but then was always there when I T was pressed again, so that the utilization s.Ende almost as small as s.Anfang.

Hope this helps you somehow. Professionally, it was not, but geklappt hats.


Antwort von CommiXV:


hm strange problems sometimes require unusual solutions halt ^ ^
Have you ever as the support or at expertly done, what now are you? Should not result in you every time your films Chromakeying chop sollst ^ ^



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