Infoseite // MainConcept logo on MPEG4 video despite buying?

Frage von Meta:


I have in my Magix Video Deluxe 2007 Pros the MPEG4 codec dazugekauft (for 15 eur). Now I see but always after the komplilieren the MainConcept logo in the upper right picture. I have about $ 15 just for a demo of Magix bought?! Or what went wrong there, what should I maybe do.

Thank you for answers.



Antwort von Meta:

No ideas?


Antwort von A380:

Good day from Bremen,

look here

mfg A380


Antwort von Klausi2000:

Thank you! Impudent of Magix is not right from the purchase (still $ 15) pointed out to be ... Impudence!


Antwort von grovel:

Solution that is actually synonymous with Magix should work:
You simply install the free Codec x264

Free and quality 1A

SeeYa Groveler


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