Infoseite // Making Of Film Academy 1st 2010

Frage von Wechiii:

Hi folks,

Today I can finally show something to you, what I did! Although it is only the beginning of times I would be happy but still got feedback :-)

It was shot all with a VX2000 and even the most out of hand, almost nothing with Tripod. Making Of even ;-)

Incidentally, the assistant Steadicam shots in all, I am :-)

Best wishes,

PS: oh yeah, the link ;-)


Antwort von Blackeagle123:


what was it for a movie? "Summer Academy" in Austria? Or was that a project of the Film Academy Ludwigsburg?

Too bad that is usually no sound.
With so many close-ups of s.Set people, you realize that you are still very much "family feeling" developed s.Set. That changes with the time and the more professional work. Then it's just in the first place to work, and that you no longer look after people heard synonymous to it.



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