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Frage von Mikado 99:

Search for my aforementioned Manfrotto 525 Fluid a really good head. The Manfrotto Fluid heads between 503 and 501, because I called with the fluid properties are not happy with. The swing Manfrottoköpfe upscale properties are not known to me. To really be sure and not again a bad risk, I have the fluid head of Sachtler DV 6 SB in the shortlist drawn. Who has experience with Sachtler DV 6 SB made. In statements, I am now curious.

MfG Georg


Antwort von slowmo:

Due to the 100mm port, I have only experience with the DV12 and the video 18/20, but if you like the attenuation of the IR Level 6 promise, so you will certainly be satisfied. I go just assume that you have the DV-6-Decision "(75mm connector note) even with your camcorder (size / weight) and have compared it fits.
A perceived difference between Sachtler heads and other cheap consumer solutions are there too. And if you then still a carbon-fiber tripod with variants means spider chooses, one has (almost) a lifetime, what of it.


Antwort von Zedt:


and I have a colleague in Munich is the Vinten Vision 3-thy head inc Tripod described purchased. After lengthy Internet searches synonymous and an extensive conversation with the seller's in the category for medium-size (H) DV cameras was hardly better. Counterweight balancing using springs adjustable even finer than the Sachtler, the head remains properly balanced in any position with the Camera - fascinating :-)
So that would be my tip, the Sachtler DV 6, but probably not "worse" in the sense, are probably different ...
beautiful Christmas greetings,
Markus KM


Antwort von Mikado 99:

Hello Zedt,

the video head Sachtler DV 6 SB was of me with carefully selected. Already have some video of the head and tried different manufacturers, but always came back to Sachtler back. It is for this company not only the quality. By working closely with the film industry and the camera men were Sachtlerköpfe designed so that all settings s.Videokopf with the left hand can be executed. The practice has the advantage that the right-hand lever and thus the remote control without interruption or Umgreifen use it. Also the balance of feathers in Vinten I think not much, since only simple heads with feathers compensation offered. In Vinten will s.Vision 6 the weight of the same options as compensation for Sachtler offered.
Rights and views are just different and that's synonymous a good thing. It is always good, synonymous another opinion to be heard and therefore thank you for your opinion and also a very nice Christmas party.



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