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Manfrotto Video Tripod 525MVB/Videokopf 503/501

It has already written a lot about video tripods. Unfortunately, this made no real useful information. The newcomer, however, rely on detailed information to find for his needs to the right Tripod. Since there are many Statvhersteller, I will confine myself to the brand Manfrotto. The most widely used with safety Manfrotto Tripod is the 525MVB.

In order to achieve maximum sharpness, the camera on a stable, vibration-free tripod with fluid head available, guaranteed the smooth panning and inclinations. This unwritten rule applies to everyone - professionals, semi and video enthusiasts.

Why fluid head?
The Manfrotto pan and tilt technology, as found in all semi-professional and professional Manfrotto video heads application, based on the system with a special silicone fluid-filled cartridges. This technique ensures that consistent movement pattern, as it is required to obtain more smoothly pans of all kinds.

What does resilience?
This is a claim which is sometimes confused with the weight balance of the video heads, so that a detailed explanation seems appropriate. The indication of "carrying capacity" refers to the ability of the head brakes to keep the weight of the camera at any pan or tilt angle so that the camera is securely in place.

What is meant with weight compensation?
The weight balance is achieved by a spring system inside the video head. These springs prevent the camera tilts to the tilting of the head by its own weight to the front or rear. The results are consistent Vertikalschwenks. Depending on the model of the Manfrotto Video heads have either a fixed or variable compensation springs. A fixed compensation spring is adjusted to a certain balance weight, while a variable spring allows the setting of a specific compensation area.

What is torsional rigidity?
Above all, videographers expected maximum torsional rigidity of their tripods. A professional video tripod must have a rock-edition offers. The burden, as they may engage in horizontal and vertical pivoting movement on the tripod, have no effect on its stability in the recording. Finally, synonymous largest and smallest weight and altitude are important factors that must be considered in the choice of a video tripod into consideration.

Leg structure and materials of video tripods
Video tripods can be divided into two groups based on their leg structure, those with continuous one-legged design and those with a Zweibeinkonstruktion in the upper part. Usually the legs are constructed of round profile tubes, which guarantees a very high torsional stiffness.

Manfrotto friction
The Manfrotto Friktionstechnik allows precise camera work in every situation. Depending on the version of the video head may be either a fixed or infinitely adjustable friction. The adjustable friction is particularly useful because it allows the adjustment s.The shooting situation or preferred way of working and different benefits of a friction adjustment stage. This solution includes trade-offs in speed camera-list with repeatable settings and facilitates secure camera work.

Manfrotto Camera Exchange sled
All Manfrotto video heads are equipped with removable camera sled. The possibility of a shift in the camera plate allows balancing the camera on the video head, so that the inclination of the camera with the least effort possible. Thanks to the removable device, the camera can be removed quickly and comfortably from the video head and put back in order to use either hand to put on a monopod, or to recognize a shoulder support. The slide movement of the plate allows for precise load balancing the camera on the video head.


Height of the tilt head: 10.5 cm
Weight: 1.5 kilograms
Maximum load: 6kg
Kameraschnellwechselplatte: 501PL

This tilt head is designed for use with compact-designed professional digital video cameras, cameras with long focal lengths, and telescopes. The 50


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